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Published by adminNov 27,2021

ALPHALIGHTING | Talk about beautiful and fashionable trac...

    Lighting is a magical makeup artist. When used in the home, it is not dazzling or overwhelming. It not only simple and advanced ,but also full of atmosphere. Who doesn't want to have it! As the latest trend in the lighting industry, the no main light design is becoming more and more popular among the fashionistas.       The usual design scheme is to spread the house on the ceiling, and then embed light strips or downlights and spotlights on the ceiling. However, the cost of the ceiling is relatively high, so many friends have scruples when decorating. In fact, if you don't want to make the house full of ceilings, you can also use a relatively economical way to beautifully realize the main lighting, that is: track light.         Track light has a wide range of applicability. When used in spaces with different heights, they can be well integrated into them. Even if the decoration styles are different, there is no sense of violation.   First, the advantages of ...

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Published by adminNov 26,2021

ALPHALIGHTING was invited to attend the Hong Kong design ...

      On October 28th, the 2021 Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Designers Competition and Design Masters Exchange (Phase 6) was successfully held in Shenzhen! This event was organized by the Hong Kong Association of Interior Designers/Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Designers Competition Organizing Committee, and ALPHALIGHTING served as the gold sponsor.         Ms. Hua Chao, the project leader of ALPHALIGHTING, was invited to attend this grand event and exchanged and shared with 50 industry leaders in Shenzhen, the city of design, to seek common development.         This forum focuses on the fundamental issues of development, releases the development potential of designers and product supply chains in various big cities, and strives to achieve economic integration, development linkage, and achievement sharing. Build an open, inclusive, balanced, and win-win global information platform to accelerate the internationalization of designer brands.         The big cof...

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Published by adminNov 24,2021

Minimalism | MOON series deep hidden anti-glare lamp

  Pick a ray of warm light to illuminate the enthusiasm of life, wherever the beam of light spreads, low-key tenderness spreads, resting time and embracing comfort.     ALPHALIGHTING's hot-selling MOON series, inspired by the bright moonlight, symbolizes that a bright moon brings light to people at night. Its simple circular facet, the minimal industrial style is undoubtedly revealed, bringing a touch of fashion to the space where the lamp is installed.     Although it may look simple in appearance, it has a unique side.     The shape design is different from the traditional wide-sided design. It uses a 5mm narrow side, which is a natural design to reduce the abruptness of the ceiling when the lamp is used. At the same time, the use of the deep anti-glare structure of the lamp body and the sand-grain texture of the surface, coupled with the soft light, no glare, makes the lamp shape more simple and beautiful, and can be better coordinated with t...

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Published by adminNov 16,2021

ALPHALIGHTING Jingdezhen ceramics, lighting, art explorat...

   From October 28th to 30th, "Artistic Salon Series-2021 Jingdezhen Ceramics, Lights and Art Exploration Tour" was held in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. This event was organized by Jingdezhen City Porcelain Bureau, Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aladdin Sponsored by IOT Network Technology Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Guangdong Alpha Lighting Co., Ltd.        This conference invited Mr. He Dongxu, President of ALPHALIGHTING Asia Pacific, as well as many art experts, industry leaders, and business elites in lighting design, cross-border art, multicultural tourism engineering and other industries to gather in Jingdezhen to open the game exchange park activity.   Keynote speech on crossover and integration of art    At the beginning of the meeting, Gao Xiaoyun, a member of the Party Leadership Group of Jingdezhen Municipal Government, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changnan New District, and Director of the Management Committee...

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Published by adminNov 05,2021

ALPHALIGHTING was invited to participate in the preparato...

On September 24, 2021, in the eager expectation of the lighting industry, the preparatory meeting for the start of the second light art exhibition was held in Guangzhou Guangya Building, inviting the first light art exhibition chief designer representatives and the second light art exhibition to cooperate Representatives of units and creative designers discussed matters related to the next optical art exhibition. Mr. He Dongxu, president of ALPHALUCE Asia Pacific, was invited to participate in the preparatory meeting for the launch of this optical art exhibition.     At the launching ceremony, Ms. Zheng Yaqin, Secretary-General of the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award Organizing Committee, also conveyed to the industry the industry's continuous breakthroughs and innovations aimed at strengthening in-depth exchanges and cooperation in various fields of LED lighting, and jointly seeking professional talents for the development of the global lighting industry . Define future products...

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Published by adminMar 23,2021

Do you know the design essentials of outdoor garden light...

A good outdoor garden lighting design can make your garden not only meet the lighting needs at night, but also bring beautiful visual enjoyment.Specifically, the outdoor garden lighting is divided into three layers according to function:   1、 Overall lighting : The overall lighting provides lighting for the entire garden or the entire space.   2、Task lighting : Task lighting is used for specific purposes, such as lighting garden paths.   3、Accent lighting : Accent lighting attracts the attention of objects or areas, such as pool lighting. This is usually done with spotlights or floodlights.    In order to achieve the above three functions, we need to choose different types of outdoor garden lighting fixtures, such as outdoor wall lights, underground lights and spike lights. Below are examples of different types of outdoor garden lighting to illustrate the suitable scenes of various lighting and the places that need attention. Wall lights Usually It is installed on the thr...

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Published by adminDec 20,2019

How to match kitchen lamps

How to match kitchen lamps   The kitchen is a space for cooking and cooking. The lighting of the kitchen space usually needs to have two elements of practicality and aesthetics. Practicality is mainly considered when there is enough light when cooking in the kitchen space, and it will not be blocked by the light to affect the operation of cooking and cooking; and the aesthetics is mainly from the perspective of life aesthetics to meet the basic daily needs. On the basis, to achieve a more refined and comfortable living environment, let's share some examples of matching  kitchen lamps !     Embedded ceiling-mounted kitchenand bathroom lights The simple design of the lamps embedded in the ceiling is suitable for the kitchen space with large fume. It is a more practical design.   2.Downlight For the design of kitchen ceiling not using aluminum gussets, but plasterboard, this kind of flat kitchen ceiling can choose the downlight embedded in the ceiling. This simpl...

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Published by adminDec 10,2019

Development history of track lights

Track spotlights are one of the most important lighting fixtures in commercial lighting space. It has the characteristics of flexible installation, convenient adjustment and light effect concentration. Today we will introduce the change history of track lights and related application problems in the past 10 years.     halogen track lights When the concept of accent lighting started to emerge, spotlights came into being. According to the matching light source, there are several commonly used halogen track lights: lamp cup (MR16), aluminum cup (also known as QRIII or AR111), PAR bulb, and QT32. fluorescent track light Track light products using fluorescent light sources are relatively rare. Because fluorescent light sources emit light over a large area, it is difficult to achieve accent lighting effects. Metal Halide Track Light The metal halide track light can be said to have been the crown selling product of indoor commercial photos of that era, clothing chain...

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Published by adminDec 03,2019

The magical effect of track spotlights in commercial shops

Accent lighting is an important lightin method commonly used in lighting design, and is widely used in commercial stores. The types of lamps used for accent lighting are spotlights. Spotlights include recessed spotlights, surface mounted spotlights, grille spotlights, and track spotlights. The installation position of the track spotlight is adjustable, and the simple and fast disassembly is a major feature. Today, we will talk about the track spotlight.     What is a track spotlight? A spotlight is a kind of light with strong directivity and high concentration. Its light effect is mainly aimed at an object, which can emphasize the texture of the object, and can also be used for lighting and daylighting. As a member of the family of spotlights, rail spotlights have the characteristics of spotlights. The highlight is that they need to be installed on a dedicated rail (three or four lines). The lamps can be adjusted on the track according to the actual lighting needs. The lo...

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Published by adminNov 25,2019

How to use LED spotlights in restaurant lighting design?

For restaurant lighting, reasonable selection of LED downlights, LED spotlights, light strips and other lighting fixtures, and the lighting of the restaurant style, in order to better highlight, express the concept of food culture and personality. In the lighting design of the restaurant, light and shadow, light and dark, real and virtual light environment treatment is just right, it is the focus of research on restaurant lighting design.     Regarding the selection and arrangement of restaurant lamps, the lamps used in the basic lighting of Chinese restaurants are mainly LED downlights and LED spotlights, and the beam angles of medium and wide angles are commonly used. The walkway is usually not adjustable, and the adjustable angle is often used for wall washing and illuminating decorations. The key lighting of the Chinese restaurant is usually adjustable lamps. The beam angle is mostly medium or narrow, which can be accurately illuminated on the table. The required posi...

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Published by adminNov 22,2019

Advantages of using LED lights

Advantages of using LED lights (1) LED light-emitting diodes, fast response speed, LED light-emitting diodes, the response frequency of the f tau tau and injection of minority carrier life MC related, such as GaAs material made of LED light-emitting diodes, the τmc, generally within the scale of 1-10 ns, the frequency response of about 16-160 MHz, such a high response frequency for video signal display 6.5 MHz is enough, this also is to realize video LED light-emitting diodes, big screen moment factor.     (2) LED high luminous efficiency: incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp light efficiency for 12-24lm/w(lumen/watt), fluorescent lamp light efficiency for 50-70lm /w, sodium lamp light efficiency for 90-140lm /w, large part of the electricity consumption into heat loss. (3) LED light-emitting diodes save energy: the spectrum of LED light-emitting diodes is almost all concentrated in the visible frequency band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80-90%.LED light-emi...

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Published by adminNov 20,2019

How to buy ceiling lamps?

Lamps, like curtains, are basically the last part of the home. Most people are refurbished, considering what kind of lights to install, but there are many types of lamps, including ceiling lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, downlights,etc. The decorative effects of different lamps are also different. Today, I will introduce how to buy a ceiling lamp.     1.choose the right light source With the widespread use of LED lighting, LED lights have gradually penetrated into home lighting. For household ceiling lamps, the current light source is mainly LED. Compared with other light sources, the price of LED ceiling lamps is not very expensive, and it has the characteristics of power saving, long service life, strong brightness and high cost performance. Then, we can check if the light source is bright and the color temperature is right. It is very simple to identify whether the color temperature is suitable. Just light a lamp and then stand under the lamp to read the book. If it lo...

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