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Published by adminOct 12,2022

ALPHALUCE – 2022 27th Guangzhou International Light...

From August 3rd to 6th,2022, the 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was grandly held in China Import and Export Fair Complex.,Guangzhou, China. With the theme of "New Era, New Responsibility", this exhibition encourages industry players to continue to live up to the times with the power of light, making contributions and creating more value for the lighting field. ALPHALUCE stand 10.2 Hall C20 ALPHALUCE also brought a variety of new products to the 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The booth decorated mainly in atmospheric space gray color, adopting Italian architectural style, and perfectly combining curved arches, ancient Roman columns and ALPHALUCE modern lighting designs which accurately interprets ALPHALUCE's minimalist design concept. The creative and novel designed booth attracted many visitors staying long time to check items in detail. ALPHALUCE prolongs the concept of combining function and aesthetics. Focuses on the current popular ...

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Published by adminMay 09,2022

ALPHALUCE Staircase Lighting – Inviting Glow To Your Space

ALPHALUCE Staircase Lighting can be dramatic, subtle, and functional. Stairs are often a key vocal point in a house and can lead your eye through from one space to another.   Any staircase illuminated by good lighting will look amazing. There is no one ‘right way’ to light staircases; it very much depends on design, construction and desired look and feel.   Indoors or outdoors, lighting a stairway improves safety and adds an inviting glow to your space. Staircase Lighting Singapore can be used to enhance your landscape, to amplify your deck lighting when entertaining, for commercial exterior lighting, or simply to feel more secure knowing your staircase is brightly lit.   A key consideration in staircase lighting is fixing points. Whether you’re lighting from above, at tread level or in the wall or string, factoring the staircase lighting into the plans is really important in achieving the desired effect.

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Published by adminMay 09,2022

How To Choose The Right Colour Rendering Index (CRI) For ...

What is Colour Rendering Index?   The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) for light source is a quantitative measure of the capability to preserve colour appearance of illuminated objects in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. In general terms, CRI is a measure of a light source’s ability to show object colours “realistically” or “naturally” compared to a similar reference source, either incandescent light or daylight. It’s rated on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the highest.   Recently, CRI has had a renewed interest because of the new Light-emitting diode (LEDs) systems, which usually have a CRI rather low, but a good preservation of colour appearance and a pleasant visual appeal.   What is the importance of Colour Rendering Index (CRI)? When designing any space, colour, texture and finishes play a critical role in the process. Equally important is lighting. With high-CRI (90+), colours pop, textures stand out, and finishes have depth and lustre. Think of light...

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Published by adminApr 25,2022

How to Choose the Right Modern Track Lights?

Learn More About Track Lighting Create a Well Designed Space with Modern Track Lighting Today’s track lighting offers versatility and flexibility with the added aesthetic value that makes these systems the go-to choice for consumers and contractors everywhere. How to Choose the Right Modern Track Lights First, choose what type of track that you want. The three main options are straight tracks, flexible tracks and curved tracks.   Second, confirm that the desired track head or pendant lights are compatible with your chosen track system. There are three track lighting standards - H, J and L - which refer to the shape of the track where the light's connector locks into.   Third, you will need to choose between line voltage or low voltage lighting for your track lights. Low voltage fixtures use less electricity and provide warmer light. Line voltage fixtures are often more affordable and use 220-240 volts, eliminating the need for a transformer.   Where to Install Track...

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