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    Lighting is a magical makeup artist. When used in the home, it is not dazzling or overwhelming. It not only simple and advanced ,but also full of atmosphere. Who doesn't want to have it! As the latest trend in the lighting industry, the no main light design is becoming more and more popular among the fashionistas.


    The usual design scheme is to spread the house on the ceiling, and then embed light strips or downlights and spotlights on the ceiling. However, the cost of the ceiling is relatively high, so many friends have scruples when decorating. In fact, if you don't want to make the house full of ceilings, you can also use a relatively economical way to beautifully realize the main lighting, that is: track light.


track light


    Track light has a wide range of applicability. When used in spaces with different heights, they can be well integrated into them. Even if the decoration styles are different, there is no sense of violation.


First, the advantages of using the track light in home decoration


    Track light is a kind of spotlight. Like spot lights, track light can also play a role in creating atmosphere and task lighting. But spotlights have an obvious disadvantage, especially surface mounted spotlights and recessed spotlights. These two kinds of spotlights are fixedly installed on the ceiling and cannot adjust their positions flexibly. But track lights don’t have to worry about this problem at all. The reason is that there is a hidden track inside the track, which can realize the random movement of the track light. If the number of lights is not enough or the location is not good, you can add and move them at any time.


track light


    The light source of track light is gradually replaced by LED light source from the previous metal halide light source. In contrast, track lights using LED light sources are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Current track lights generally refer to LED track lights.


Second, the application of rail lights in the living room


    When decorating a family, the living room is one of the most important spaces. We often find ways to decorate every corner of the living room. For example, in the lighting design of the living room, the ceiling around the living room + embedded downlights or light strips are generally used to enrich the lighting levels and make the space more warm. In order to have a more sense of design, ceiling lights without hanging ceiling are popular throughout the house. The track lights are directly connected to the track to hang a row of lights, and they can be installed regardless of whether the ceiling is suspended or not. Compared with traditional chandeliers, track lights are more concise and beautiful.


  • Install rail lights on both the TV wall and the sofa wall

     Without the main light design in the living room, you can install track lights on the entire ceiling of the TV wall and sofa wall to make the living room space more balanced and comfortable.


track light


  • Mounted rail light on sofa wall


    If there is a ceiling installed on the TV wall in the living room, you can install track light above the sofa wall, so that the lighting of the space is much more comfortable, and the overall visual sense will be more beautiful and generous.


track light


  •  track lights installed on the TV wall


     When the central air conditioner is installed in the living room, most of it is installed on the sofa wall, so that there is no extra space to install the rail lights on the sofa wall. At this time, we can actually install the rail lights on the TV wall, which can also make the space of the TV wall more warm, warm and layered.


track light


  • track lights are installed in the middle of theceiling


    You can also install the track light in the middle of the ceiling of the living room for the lighting design and layout of the living room.


track light


Third, the application of track lights in other home spaces


    Some houses with lower floors are not suitable for installing more complex and luxurious chandeliers. The ceiling lamp is slightly ordinary and lacks personality. The installation of track lights can perfectly solve the above problems. The track light has a simple shape and a cold temperament, forming a unique style, which can be adapted to a variety of decoration styles. 


    Install track lights above the dining table, spotlights make food look more delicious . In addition to the winter sun that can bring happiness to people, there is also the warm light shining on the food.


track light


    The track light can also be used as a supplementary light source for the kitchen. In the absence of a cabinet ceiling light, the track light can be used as a substitute to allow the light to shine directly on the operating table.


track light


    The track light installed in the cloakroom shines soft and bright light on the clothes, instantly enhancing the style.


    Warm reminder: When the track light is used as a local illumination, such as when illuminating a framed picture, you must pay attention to the angle of illumination. If the angle is not well controlled, the human eyes are easily irradiated by the reflected light and cause dizziness.


track light

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