How to match kitchen lamps

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How to match kitchen lamps


The kitchen is a space for cooking and cooking. The lighting of the kitchen space usually needs to have two elements of practicality and aesthetics. Practicality is mainly considered when there is enough light when cooking in the kitchen space, and it will not be blocked by the light to affect the operation of cooking and cooking; and the aesthetics is mainly from the perspective of life aesthetics to meet the basic daily needs. On the basis, to achieve a more refined and comfortable living environment, let's share some examples of matching  kitchen lamps !


kitchen lamps


  1. Embedded ceiling-mounted kitchenand bathroom lights

The simple design of the lamps embedded in the ceiling is suitable for the kitchen space with large fume. It is a more practical design.



For the design of kitchen ceiling not using aluminum gussets, but plasterboard, this kind of flat kitchen ceiling can choose the downlight embedded in the ceiling. This simple design effect is more suitable for some young people who are artistic and simple. Kitchen with people.


  1. hidden lights

If there is a cabinet in the ceiling of the kitchen, if the cabinet is used for washing, cutting and cooking, it may be blocked by the cabinet or your body. In this case, the design of the hidden light strip at the bottom of the cabinet is very practical, and this combination also looks very layered.


kitchen lamps


  1. ceiling lamp


Ceiling lights are suitable for open kitchens without ceilings. Such kitchens usually have the same ceiling as the dining room's living room. Such ceilings are most concise and atmospheric.



The chandelier is suitable for some kitchens without ceiling, because if the floor height is large, if the lamp is installed too high, then the light will be easily blocked by the wall cabinet. More light hits the worktop, creating a bright cooking space.

  1. track lights

Track lights are also suitable for some open kitchens. A series of spotlights are installed on a track to allow the light to focus on certain key operating areas. At the same time, the kitchen can be bright and dark with rich levels.

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