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Published by adminOct 17,2019

About LED underground light precautions

LED underground light are now widely used in parks, lawns, plazas, courtyards, flower beds, and pedestrian street decorations. However, in the early practical applications, LED underground light showed various problems. The biggest problem is the waterproof problem.   Research on waterproof problem of LED underground light   At first, it was believed that the LED buried lamp does not need to be IP68 rated waterproof because it is not as long as the LED underwater light in the underwater environment and under the pressure of water. But in fact, LED underground light need to solve the waterproof problem. In practical applications, LED underground light are now on the ground or in the soil, in addition to dealing with rainy days or water immersion, but also to deal with the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.     To solve the waterproof problem of LED underground light, we must start from several aspects. Housing: Die-cast aluminum housing is a common ch...

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Published by adminOct 09,2019

Correct choice of living room decoration lamps

In modern home decoration, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the choice of living room decoration lamps is very special. Because choosing lamps in the living room is not only a function of simple lighting, but more importantly, decorative effects. What are the lights for the living room decoration? Let’s take a look at the living room decoration lamps!   The living room decoration lamps are the lights in the living room, as the name suggests. The lamp is a relatively personal device. Many homeowners choose professional designers for home decoration design during home decoration. After the renovation is complete, it is best to choose the type of fixture and light source according to the designer's requirements. This can be better aligned with the home decor style. Chandelier: The chandelier is suitable for the living room. The chandelier has the most patterns, commonly used European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, fashion chandeliers,...

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Published by adminSep 25,2019

What are the benefits of LED wall washer?

LED wall washer, as the name suggests, let the lights wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, as well as to outline the large buildings. Since LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color and long life, in 2013, the LED wall washer of other light sources were gradually replaced by LED wall washer.     Advantages of LED wall washer 1, the power size. The power of the LED wall washer determines the distance it is projected. Its power is not fixed and can be flexibly changed according to requirements! Generally, high-power LED wall washer are single-row, and multi-row is called linear LED floodlights!   2, Voltage. The voltage of the LED wall washer can be divided into DC DC and AC AC. Generally, the built-in power supply is externally connected to AC220V (Japan AC110V), and the external power is generally low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V and so on. The voltage varies according to different requi...

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Published by adminSep 19,2019

Do you know how to maintain the led downlight?

LED downlight maintenance 1, buy back the lamps, before installation, should read the installation instructions and precautions carefully, and please install professional personnel, otherwise there may be danger. 2, do not change the structure of the lamp during cleaning and maintenance, and do not change the parts of the lamp at will. 3, when using the luminaire, try not to switch too frequently. Although the resistance of the LED downlight is about 18 times that of the ordinary fluorescent lamp, too much frequency will still affect the life of the internal electronic components of the LED downlight, thus affecting the life of the lamp. 4, it is important to note that in addition to special LED downlight, ordinary LED downlight should be avoided in wet environments. The humid environment will affect the electronic components of the LED downlight driving power supply. The electronic components are damp and the lamp life is shortened. 5, the moisture is the key to the maintenance of ...

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Published by adminSep 11,2019

How to choose a home ceiling lamp?

1, look at the material When you are choosing a  home ceiling light , you should first understand what kind of home ceiling lamp is the best, or what kind of material is the most advanced. In general, the material of the home ceiling lamp mask is the A material acrylic mask, which has high light transmittance, uniform light transmission and easy cleaning. What should be noted here is the acrylic mask of the A material. The so-called A material is the raw material, not the remaining recycled material. The chassis of the home ceiling lamp is also one of the most important material factors for appearance. At present, the best chassis material is SPCC material (cold rolled steel), thickness of 0.5mm, and the frame is generally made of uv powder, which can maintain no discoloration for more than 3 years. 2, look inside   The internal material is the core of the entire home ceiling lamp; it can be judged by the quality of the internal aluminum substrate, the color of the lamp bead, ...

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