The magical effect of track spotlights in commercial shops

823 Published by admin Dec 03,2019

Accent lighting is an important lightin method commonly used in lighting design, and is widely used in commercial stores. The types of lamps used for accent lighting are spotlights. Spotlights include recessed spotlights, surface mounted spotlights, grille spotlights, and track spotlights. The installation position of the track spotlight is adjustable, and the simple and fast disassembly is a major feature. Today, we will talk about the track spotlight.


track spotlights


What is a track spotlight?

A spotlight is a kind of light with strong directivity and high concentration. Its light effect is mainly aimed at an object, which can emphasize the texture of the object, and can also be used for lighting and daylighting. As a member of the family of spotlights, rail spotlights have the characteristics of spotlights. The highlight is that they need to be installed on a dedicated rail (three or four lines). The lamps can be adjusted on the track according to the actual lighting needs. The location is widely used in shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, museums and other places.


Classification of track spotlights

From the light source category, the common track spotlights are: halogen track spotlights (common power 35W / 50W), metal halide track spotlights (common power 35W / 70W / 150W), and LED track spotlights.

Halogen track spotlights have a high color rendering index, and the average display index Ra can generally reach 95 or more. It is often used in restaurant chains and various leisure places.

Metal halide guide spot light output is high (35W lamps output light flux can reach 2700lm, the overall light efficiency is higher than 70Lm / W), the average display index is generally higher than 80 (the color rendering index of some metal halide light sources can reach more than 90), Commonly used in clothing stores, furniture stores, car showrooms and other commercial places.

With the continuous innovation of LED technology in recent years, LED track spotlights rely on their high light efficiency (whole light efficiency is higher than 80Lm / W), high color rendering index (average display means Ra> 90), energy saving and environmental protection, and lamp shape Flexible and other advantages, quickly occupy the commercial lighting market.


track spotlights


Application of track spotlight

The remarkable feature that the position and direction of the track spotlight can be adjusted flexibly, which keeps it in a proud position in the shop lighting. Store product displays often need to be updated, and track spotlights can better meet their lighting needs. Rails and spotlights are often used for accent lighting in display windows and clothing display areas of clothing stores to highlight the texture of clothing. In the furniture store, track spotlights can also be seen everywhere, especially in the furniture display area.

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