How to use LED spotlights in restaurant lighting design?

408 Published by admin Nov 25,2019

For restaurant lighting, reasonable selection of LED downlights, LED spotlights, light strips and other lighting fixtures, and the lighting of the restaurant style, in order to better highlight, express the concept of food culture and personality. In the lighting design of the restaurant, light and shadow, light and dark, real and virtual light environment treatment is just right, it is the focus of research on restaurant lighting design.


LED spotlights


Regarding the selection and arrangement of restaurant lamps, the lamps used in the basic lighting of Chinese restaurants are mainly LED downlights and LED spotlights, and the beam angles of medium and wide angles are commonly used. The walkway is usually not adjustable, and the adjustable angle is often used for wall washing and illuminating decorations. The key lighting of the Chinese restaurant is usually adjustable lamps. The beam angle is mostly medium or narrow, which can be accurately illuminated on the table. The required position, the effect of the focus on the Chinese restaurant desktop is very different, obviously there is a tabletop accent lighting desktop, which can better express the dishes and trigger the appetite of the diners.


Then, for the color temperature of the LED spotlights of the restaurant, we usually see that the luminaire manufacturer marked the product with the color rendering index Ra> 90 (R9> 50) and other similar labeling methods. Ra> 90 indicates the color rendering of the luminaire for R1-R8. These 8 natural colors are highly restored, and R9 > 50 indicates that the luminaire has a good color reproduction ability for red objects.


LED spotlights


The expression of dishes is inseparable from the high color rendering index. Apparently, the color rendering index greater than 90 can better express the appearance of the dishes and enhance the appetite of the diners. The quality of the lighting is important in both Chinese and Western restaurants. The color temperature of the Chinese restaurant is recommended to be 3000-3500k, and the color temperature of the western restaurant is recommended to be 2700-3000k. If you want to sell food better, then the restoration of color is very important.


Restaurant lighting should also consider the partition lighting of the restaurant, the materials used in the restaurant decoration, the combination of direct light and indirect light—such as the relationship between the light trough and LED spotlights, the proper application of colored light, the setting of the scene mode, and the adjustable scene of the day and night lights. Mode, as well as the selection of lamps in the restaurant.

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