Is pendant lighting out of style?how to pick pendant lighting?

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Is pendant lighting out of style

Many people are asking: Will the pendant become obsolete? In my opinion, the answer is undoubtedly negative.

Why is the pendant lighting not obsolete?

Although certain styles, shapes and designs will be outdated, the innovation of pendant lighting is not limited to this. The pendant lighting has existed for hundreds of years, because the it has the pendant lighting of hanging and taking into account the lighting and decoration, which is very suitable for the lighting design needs of certain spaces. So I believe that the pendant lighting will not be outdated.


pendant lighting


what's pendant  lighting?


A pendant lighting is a lighting fixture that is hung on the ceiling. It consists of a hanging wire and a lamp holder. The lamp holder is usually equipped with a lampshade or a bare bulb, and is generally suspended by a chain, cable or metal rod. Due to the diverse styles of pendant lighting, including chandeliers, crystal pendant lighting, candlestick pendant lighting, Chinese pendant lighting, etc., pendant lighting provide a large selection space and are suitable for many indoor areas. Because of the variety of pendant lighting and their own decorativeness, they are favored by many people.


pendant lighting


So where are pendant lighting suitable for use?


Whether it is suitable to install a pendant lighting, the first thing that must be considered is your ceiling height. Generally speaking, the distance from the lamp holder to the countertop of the pendant lighting needs to be 30 to 36 inches . In addition, no matter how high your ceiling is, the base of the pendant lighting should not be less than 72 inches  from the floor.

In the entrance hall, stairwell, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and family room, and even on our porch, bathroom, we can see the scene of using pendant lighting. While using pendant lighting to provide lighting, increase the light in certain areas. A sense of hierarchy, in order to create an environmental atmosphere. Although most of the indoor areas can use pendant lighting, these four places are the most frequently used pendant lighting.


pendant lighting



With the open kitchen becoming more and more popular among the public, kitchen island or kitchen peninsula (kitchen island or kitchen peninsula refers to the countertop of the kitchen) has become a high-frequency use place for pendant lighting. While the pendant lighting provides the lighting function for the kitchen island operating table, its decorative function plays a very beautiful visual embellishment role. Since the kitchen countertop is not part of the walking area, there is almost no risk of head bumping. The pendant lighting has simple and versatile shapes, exquisite functions, and has the advantages of lighting function and decoration, making it the best choice for kitchen lighting. The distance from the bottom of the kitchen island pendant lighting to the top of the island is generally 27.5-31.5 inches. You can adjust it according to the actual ceiling height and the type of pendant lighting. Larger kitchen islands or peninsulas may require two or more pendant lighting, in which case the distance between the two pendant lightings is usually about 20-31.5 inches.


pendant lighting



The restaurant is a warm place for us to eat and chat with friends. The design and lighting color of a good restaurant chandelier can not only bring visual beauty, but also create a comfortable and warm environment. The soft halo of the pendant lighting illuminates the food on the table, making the food color, aroma, taste and shape, and its design-like appearance also plays a role in setting off the atmosphere, enhancing appetite and dining mood.

If you want to learn more about restaurant pendant lights, please click to read this article-(《How can restaurant chandeliers enhance your appeti》)


pendant lighting




Bedroom pendant lighting is usually hung on both sides of the bed or in the reading corner of the room. The pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling with a chain or cable ,which can be used to replace the wall lamps or table lamps on both sides of the bed. The flexible adjustability (height and brightness) and the characteristics of not occupying space provide you with lighting while making your bedroom Add beauty. Usually the bottom of the bedroom bedside pendant lighting or the bottom of the reading corner lighting is about 12-20 inches from the bedside table top, and the distance between the bedside table and the bottom of the pendant lighting is about 12-22 inches.

For more information about bedroom lighting, please click——《What is the best led bedroom lighting ?》


pendant lighting

penadant lighting

吊灯 room

pendant lighting can be hung on both sides of the sofa in the living room, in the middle of the living room, etc. Because they provide concentrated downward light in a specific area, pendant lighting can be used as accent lighting to illuminate a certain area of ​​the living room. Usually the bottom of the living room pendant lighting is about 6 feet above the ground.


pendant lighting

pendant lighting


How to choose the right pendant lighting for your home?


The first step | you need to understand the different types of pendant lighting

The materials, shapes and styles of pendant lighting is very different. You need to understand the different types of pendant lighting to choose the most suitable pendant lighting. The types of pendant lighting is:

  1. European style candlestick pendant lighting

The European classical style pendant lighting, its design concept is derived from the ancient home candlestick lighting.


pendant lighting


  1. Crystal pendant lighting

Crystal pendant lighting is a kind of pendant lighting made of artificial crystal. It includes candlelight, which is gorgeous and noble. The shape is unique, fashionable, and has high aesthetic value. Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobility, and crystal lighting also represents light and hope. Gorgeous lighting crystal dining room and living room pendant lighting decorate the bright home lighting life.


pendant lighting


  1. Chinese style pendant lighting

The popular new Chinese pendant lighting integrates modern materials and design elements into the classical Chinese pendant lighting, giving people a bright and neat feeling, showing a strong cultural atmosphere.


pendant lighting


  1. Modern pendant lighting

Modern pendant lighting has unique shapes and different styles, often showing individuality and creativity. It is loved by young people who pursue fashion.



Step 2 | Consider the position and height of the ceiling

One of the main considerations before installing pendant  lighting is the height of the ceiling. If you want to install pendant lighting in an open space, leave a gap of at least 7.5 feet from the ceiling to the floor so that you can easily walk under the pendant lighting.

For bedrooms and living rooms, the distance from the ceiling to the floor where the pendant lighting is suspended should be at least 7 feet ; in the corridor or open hallway, the ceiling should be at least 6 feet higher than the door; For the pendant lighting installed in the bathroom, keep a distance of about 8 feet between the bottom of the pendant lighting and the top of the bathtub. For smaller bathrooms, or if the height does not fit this rule, it is best to install a smaller pendant lighting or hang the lamp at least 3 feet away from the bathtub. 


pendant lighting

pendant lighting


Step 3 | Consider the brightness required by the area

Generally, it is recommended to provide 35-50 lumens per square foot. The upper or lower limit of the range depends on the size of your space, other lighting in the room, and the atmosphere you want to present.


pendant lighting


Step 4 | Choose the right size

In order to avoid ruining the design of your living space, it is important to choose the correct size of the pendant lighting you plan to install. A harmonious balance is achieved by choosing an average size rather than choosing something too small or too big. The pendant lighting should not appear unusually small or too strong.


pendant lighting


Step 5 | Choose pendant lighting that is easy to clean

If cleaning is a tedious job for you, choose those with easy-to-reach surfaces. pendant lighting needs to be cleaned occasionally to maintain their appearance. Use a soft cloth instead of a vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the ball or metal.


pendant lighting

Do you think pendant lighting is outdated? Feel free to leave your comments!


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