What is the best led bedroom lighting ?

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    Lighting is the most attractive flirtation in the room. While satisfying basic lighting, the led bedroom lighting also takes into account the functions of accent lighting and creating atmosphere. A good led bedroom lighting design can not only meet the basic lighting, but also make you relieve fatigue, relax your body and mind, and improve the quality of sleep. In order to better play the role of led bedroom lighting design, how do we choose the best-led bedroom lighting according to our needs?




  The bedroom needs to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and the lighting is best to be soft. Under the premise of satisfying lighting, try to choose a warmer coclor lamp with lower brightness and lower color temperature. Generally, the color temperature is less than or equal to 4000k. If you need to read or work in the bedroom, you can use auxiliary light sources to get higher intensity lighting.



  It is necessary to purchase suitable led bedroom lighting according to the size and style of the bedroom. Different bedroom users have different needs for led bedroom lighting . When designing led bedroom lighting , it needs to be adjusted according to specific users. The following table can be used as a reference when purchasing:


Bedroom classification

Reference plane

type of activity

Standard value of illuminance (lx)


General bedroom


0.75 level

General activity


Reading, makeup



Seniors bedroom


0.75 level

General activity


Reading, bedside



Children's bedroom

0.75 level

General activity


Reading, bedside


Average illuminance (Eva) = total luminous flux of the light source (N*Ф)*utilization factor (CU)*maintenance factor (MF)/area area (㎡)

Utilization coefficient: generally 0.4 for indoor and 0.3 for sports;

maintenance coefficient: generally 0.7 to 0.8.

    Because the elderly have relatively weak perception of light, the brightness of led bedroom lighting is required to be higher, and the style of the lamp should be simple and generous. On the contrary, children are very sensitive to light, so the led bedroom lighting should be as close as possible to natural light and have a good anti-glare effect. The style of children's bedroom lamps can be cartoon or geometric.



   There are generally three types of led bedroom lighting namely basic lamps, bedtime lamps and night lamps.

(1)  Basic lighting: The main function is to provide basic lighting for the bedroom, which can be divided into two options: no main lighting and main lighting. Ceiling lights, pendant lights, spotlights or downlights are usually used as the main light source for led bedroom lighting. Ceiling lamps do not have high requirements for the height of the bedroom space and have a wide range of applications. The distance between the pendant and the ground should be greater than or equal to 2.3m.Otherwise, if the pendant is installed too small, it will cause oppression and insecurity.



(2) Bedtime lights: Generally use wall lights and reading lights with a color temperature less than or equal to 3000k. People who are accustomed to reading and playing with mobile phones before going to bed can add led bedroom lighting in the bedroom, such as wall lamps, table lamps or reading lamps, to enhance the brightness of the light, so that you have enough light without affecting other people.. The bedside lamp in the bedroom is usually placed 80-100cm above the ground so that it will not affect the reading experience. If a dimmable wall lamp is installed on the background wall of the bed, the height of the wall lamp is preferably 1.5-1.7m from the bottom of the wall lamp to the ground.




(3) Night lights: mainly foot lights, wall lights and light strips, with a color temperature of about 2700k. Because the light in the bedroom is soft and not dazzling, it is suitable for people who have the habit of getting up at night or who need to get up at night. Foot lamps and wall lamps are usually installed on the corner of the wall or bed, and the light strip is installed on the edge of the bed. It is recommended you to choose an intelligent sensor night light as the led bedroom lighting , and lower the sensitivity in advance to avoid the situation that the light turns on when turning over in the middle of the night.



Here are a few well-received bedroom lamps, let's build a warm bedroom together!

1、led bedroom lighting-spotlights

Advantages: comfortable and no flicker; vertical direction can be adjusted and rotated 90 degrees, horizontal direction can be adjusted 355 degrees

2、led bedroom lighting-Ceiling light Lumen LED Ceiling Mounted Light Residential Hotel IP20 Indoor Alpha Lighting Surface Mounted Aluminum Project Installation.html? pl.41413.23.334b6984kMgeIV

Advantages: soft light; simple lamps and lanterns

3、led bedroom lighting-spotlights

Advantages: deep hidden light source, good anti-glare effect; easy installation

4、 led bedroom lighting-ceiling recessed downlight

5、led bedroom lighting-ceiling recessed downlight

6、led bedroom lighting-reading light 3w led wall mounted reading light for bedroom dimmable led cob downlights.html? plgr.41413.14.3ca269844eTvoC

7、led bedroom lighting-reading light new concepts 4w surface mounted led ceiling reading light.html? plgr.41413.12.3ca269844eTvoC

8、led bedroom lighting-Wardrobe lights

Advantages: compact and bright, multi-style

9、led bedroom lighting-wall light
 sale IP54 Waterproof Outdoor Wall Mounted Led Light.html? plgr.41413.18.3ca269844eTvoC

10、 led bedroom lighting-Footlight Light IP67 Decorative Indoor Lighting Outdoor LED ALPHA Lighting.html? pl.41413.21.334b16b0cl1haj

Advantages: IP54, soft light; light on one side, not dazzling

11、 led bedroom lighting-Footlight 2700 3000K Outdoor Holiday Lighting Warm White Foot Lamp Led Underground Lights.html? plgr.41413.34.562d6984LZe6Mk

Advantages: soft lighting; easy installation

12、 led bedroom lighting-Footlight

Advantages: the style is simple and beautiful; the light is soft and not dazzling

13、 led bedroom lighting-Footlight Step Light Wholesale Price IP65 Square Outdoor up and Down1W 2W White LED Wall Recessed ALPHA Lighting Aluminum Alloy 80.html? pl.41413.13.60976984QY04AP

Advantages: IP65, high dust and waterproof coefficient; uniform and gentle light











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