How can restaurant chandeliers enhance your appetite?

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The restaurant is a warm place for us to eat and chat with friends. A good restaurant chandelier design and lighting color can not only bring visual beauty, but also create a comfortable and warm environment. Therefore, the design of restaurant chandelier and the choice of lighting color are very important; the style of chandelier, the advantages of different styles of chandelier and the study of precautions when buying are very necessary.



  1. The styles of chandelierare generally divided into the following types according to styles:
  • European style candlestick chandelier

The European classical style pendant, its design concept is derived from the ancient home candlestick lighting.



  • crystal chandelier

Crystal chandelier is a kind of chandelier made of artificial crystal. It is gorgeous and noble. The crystal chandelier has a unique and fashionable shape and high aesthetic value. Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobility, and crystal lighting also represents light and hope. Gorgeous crystal lights decorate the dining room and living room, highlighting the retro magnificence!



  • Chinese style chandelier

The popular new Chinese chandelier incorporates modern materials and design elements into the classical Chinese chandelier, giving people a bright and neat feeling, and at the same time showing a strong cultural atmosphere.



  • Modern chandelier

Modern chandeliers have unique shapes and different styles, and tend to show individuality and creativity. They are loved by young people who pursue trendy fashion.



  1. Three advantages of restaurant chandelier design:

(1)It has the effect of gazing vision and improving the mood of dining. The best effect of restaurant lighting is the chandelier hanging above the dining table. The soft halo gathers in the center of the dining table, which can attract the eye at a glance and condense the vision. At the same time, the restaurant chandelier illuminates the food on the table, so that the color, fragrance, taste and shape of the food are complete, and the appetite and dining mood are enhanced.



(2)Adjustable brightness and height, suitable for multiple scenes. The restaurant chandelier can adjust the brightness of the suitable scene according to different occasions, and adjust the height according to personal needs, to the greatest extent to adapt to the needs of multiple scenes.

(3) It has a sense of design and enhances the beauty of space. Compared with other styles of lamps and lanterns, the chandelier has a richer shape and a stronger sense of design.



  1. What should be paid attention to in the selection and installation of restaurant chandelier?

(1)Light color

Based on the research of human vision on color temperature perception and spatial perception, in the same environment, orange-yellow colors are warmer and more comfortable than blue-violet colors, and increase appetite. Therefore, for the color temperature of restaurant chandelier, it is generally recommended to choose a warm color lamp with a color temperature in the range of 3000-4500K.



(2)The color rendering index of the light

The color rendering index CRI refers to the brightness that the color matches when the object is illuminated by the light source and the standard light source (sunlight), that is, the degree of color fidelity. Generally, the higher the color rendering index, the higher the degree of authenticity of the restoration of the real object. The restaurant is a place to enjoy food. Generally, it is recommended to choose the CRI>92 of the restaurant chandelier. The high color rendering index light can restore the real object to the greatest extent, enhance the beauty, but also increase the appetite.



(3) Pay attention to the hanging height of the dining room chandelier and the material of the lampshade

 Lampshades of different materials affect the brightness of the light, and the height of the restaurant chandelier needs to be determined according to the brightness of the light. If the height of the chandelier is too high, the brightness of the dining table will be insufficient, which will affect the lighting; and the height of the chandelier will be too low, which will cause head bumps and affect the experience. Generally speaking, the distance from the lowest point of the chandelier to the ground is about 1.5-1.6 meters. The height of the dining table is generally about 75 cm, so the lowest point of the chandelier is about 75-85 cm from the dining table. Of course, different types of chandelier have different sizes, so when choosing, you can determine the specific height according to the height of the family and the style and size of the chandelier.



(4)Choice of chandelier style

The choice of restaurant chandelier needs to be combined with the overall home design style, and try to choose the same or similar style.


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