Where should outdoor lighting be placed ?

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outdoor lighting

As the name suggests, outdoor lighting is specifically used for outdoor or building exterior lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures not only need to meet the lighting requirements but also need to have a good decorative effect. Because outdoor lighting equipment is exposed for a long time, it must be weather resistant.




Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lamps are generally used for outdoor lighting. Common types of outdoor lamps include wall lamps, ceiling lamps, Garden pendant, foot lamps, and underground lamps. Different fields are suitable for different outdoor lamps. A good outdoor lighting layout design can not only take into account the lighting, but also need to have the function of decorating the space, and at the same time provide you with security and visual feast.




According to the different outdoor places, the following will be divided into six locations: outdoor front door, outdoor front entrance, driveway garage, garden, terrace and swimming pool to introduce the design of outdoor lighting fixtures.

(一)Outdoor front door——outdoor lighting

Since the outdoor front door is located on the outermost layer of the house, outdoor lighting fixtures that can provide lighting without occupying space are required. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a wall lamp as the best outdoor lighting fixture for the front door. The wall lamp has a variety of finishes, styles and types, which can not only decorate the wall, but also provide sufficient lighting and ensure safety.



(二)Outdoor front entrance——outdoor lighting

If you want to save the outdoor space of the front entrance and bring a sense of fashion, you can choose to install a ceiling lamp or pendant directly above the front door. The pendant has various styles, which can not only meet the lighting needs, but also present a beautiful appearance. Ceiling lamps do not have high requirements for the height of the front door, and are simple in shape and versatile. Because outdoor ceiling lights or pendants will cast downward shadows, it is recommended to add wall lights on both sides of the front door to assist in lighting to avoid this situation and increase the overall brightness.




(三)Driveway garage——outdoor lighting

Install outdoor wall lights on both sides of the garage to help illuminate the driveway and surrounding area. When going home at night, there must be enough light to ensure safety. Generally, the wall lamp of the garage door cannot illuminate the area inside the garage, so it is recommended that you install a ceiling lamp above the inside of the garage to ensure that there is enough light for your use.

To illuminate the driveway, underground lights or outdoor pole lights are usually used. Undergound outdoor lighting can emit light from the bottom to illuminate the entire road, and sufficient light can ensure your driving safety. Installing outdoor column headlights to illuminate the driveway not only helps to improve safety, but also attracts people's attention. Because outdoor column headlights can emit light in all directions, they are suitable for lighting in bends or a variety of scenes.



(三)Outdoor garden——outdoor lighting

Garden of outdoor lighting design needs to meet the needs of night lighting and decorative gardens. Generally, outdoor lighting has three functions: overall lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Wall lights, column lights or underground lights are usually used as overall lighting equipment, and ground plug lights and foot lights are used as accent lighting and task lighting. Wall lamps in outdoor gardens are usually installed on both sides of the door or on the three-dimensional walls of the yard to achieve the functions of lighting and decorating the walls. Buried lights are usually installed on both sides of sidewalks or key areas of illumination. Pillar lights are lighting equipment installed on both sides of the sidewalk.




(四)Terrace——outdoor lighting

Roofed and unroofed terraces are suitable for different outdoor lighting fixtures. If you want to achieve lighting and ventilation effects on the roof terrace, you can choose ceiling fans as outdoor lighting equipment. Outdoor ceiling fans can help air circulation and keep the air fresh. If you need a tasteful outdoor terrace, you can choose a chandelier as an outdoor lighting fixture. Various styles and sizes can meet various needs.For terraces without a roof, it is more suitable to choose string lights as outdoor lighting. The string of lights can not only be stringed between two pillars, walls or trees, but also can be stringed into different shapes according to your own preferences or festive atmosphere.



(六)Swimming pool——outdoor lighting

The swimming pool here refers to an outdoor swimming pool or ornamental pond. Whether it is a swimming pool or a viewing pool, the recommended outdoor lighting fixtures are buried lights and foot lights. It is installed on the wall around the pool or at the bottom of the pool to bring safety and enhance the beauty of the night pool.



Please note that like all indoor lighting equipment, outdoor lighting equipment will accumulate dust, debris, spider webs, mold, etc. over time, so they may need to be cleaned occasionally. Outdoor lighting requires high dustproof and waterproof coefficients. When purchasing, please choose those with dust and waterproof coefficient IP greater than or equal to 54.

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