Magnetic track lights should be how to install?Six advantages of magnetic track lights.

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magnetic track light


Principle of Magnetic Track Light

The track light is a kind of light installed on a similar track, and the illumination angle can be adjusted at will. It is usually used as a spotlight where accent lighting is required. Traditional track lights generally consist of a track, a power box, and a lamp body. The power box is connected with the guide rail to facilitate adjustment of the position. The lamp body is pivotally connected to the power box to adjust the light-emitting angle. It is believed that the sliding connection structure between the power supply box and the guide rail is too complicated, difficult to disassemble and repair, and high cost. Therefore, a magnetic connection structure is designed, that is, a magnet is installed in the power box, and an iron piece is installed on the corresponding track to attract the magnet.


magnetic track light


What is a magnetic track light?

The magnetic track light is to ensure the reliable connection of the power supply. The light group is magnetically attached to the track, making the loading and unloading of the light group more flexible and convenient, and easier in the daily maintenance of the light. Because the magnetic track light uses low-voltage power supply and does not need to install a driver, the entire track and lamps are very simple and delicate. Whether it is a large commercial place or a small home living place, it is very suitable.


magnetic track light


Lamp type of magnetic track lamp

There are generally four types of lamps for magnetic lamps: floodlights, grille lights, spotlights, and pendant lights. Whether it is used for accent lighting to highlight buildings or objects, or to provide overall lighting for basic illuminance, or atmosphere lighting to enhance the atmosphere of a space, you can choose four types of lamps for free combination according to your own needs, and match them into a group you want Magnetic track lights.


magnetic track light


How is the magnetic track light installed?

There are four main ways to install magnetic lamps

1. Embedded installation

Leave a slot in the place where the lamp needs to be installed, and integrate the track with the decorative base. This is the most common installation method for magnetic track lights.

2. Covering wall installation

This installation method needs to reserve a slot first, and the dust can be collected after the track is fixed. This is a very common way to install magnetic track lights, but if the reserved slot or the dust batch is handled improperly, it is easy to cause dust or screw spots.


magnetic track light


3.Ceiling installation

Ceiling installation is often used where there is no pre-reserved ceiling or track groove. The installation method is the same as that of the surface mounting rail.


magnetic track light


4. Hanging installation

When installing magnetic track lights on suspension cables, the balance of forces needs to be considered. Generally speaking, grille spotlights or floodlights are the main choices. Because the hanging wire magnetic track lamp can freely adjust the height of the lamp to meet the needs of different scenes, it is simple and generous overall, so it is very popular with young people.


magnetic track light


The first two installation methods of magnetic track lights are embedded in the base of the ceiling. In the selection of the track, you must choose a track with strong suction and good quality to avoid the danger of the lamp falling due to insufficient track suction.

When purchasing magnetic track lights, in addition to paying attention to the suction of the track, there is also the smoothness after installation. If the smoothness of the installed magnetic track lights is not enough, it will also affect the experience of use, and even There are serious wear and tear of the lamps and rails, resulting in deformation of the rails and lamps.


magnetic track light


Advantages of magnetic track lights

1. Easy to load and unload

The track lights need to be arranged in advance, and the magnetic track lights can be installed and unloaded by attaching the lights to the track or removing the lights.

2. The combination of lamps and lanterns can be matched at will

Magnetic track lights are suitable for a variety of lamps, including spotlights, downlights, chandeliers, grille lights, floodlights, etc. You can freely choose the type of lamps that need to be combined to meet the needs of different spaces and individuals, and maximize the effect you want.


magnetic track light


3. Free movement and angle adjustment

The light source on the magnetic track lamp can move freely within the length of the track, and can be arranged according to space requirements. In addition, many lights on the magnetic track lights can be adjusted in angle, such as spotlights and grille spotlights. It is convenient for you to adjust the lighting angle according to your needs and increase the flexibility of lighting design.

4. Easy to clean and maintain

When cleaning lamps or lamps fail to be overhauled, the lamps can be directly removed for processing.


magnetic track light


5. Low voltage safety, no danger of touching

Magnetic track lights generally use DC24V or DC48V low voltage design, even if the track is energized, the installation of the lights will not be dangerous.

6. Small and exquisite, wide application range

The track groove of the magnetic track lamp is about 36mm deep and 21mm wide. The whole is exquisite and compact, which is very suitable for commercial or residential lighting.


magnetic track light


Applicable occasions of magnetic track lights

Initially, track lights were widely used in commercial lighting, such as clothing stores, jewelry stores, exhibition halls and other places where lighting and decorative effects need to be considered. However, due to its fashionable appearance, high flexibility and easy loading and unloading advantages, it is loved by more and more young people. The emergence of magnetic track lights and the development trend of sophisticated track lights have broken the limitations of the previous track lights installation occasions-in addition to commercial hotel occasions, the applicable occasions have also been extended to homes and residences, and designers use them in the living room, bedroom and Home lighting such as study rooms.

magnetic track light


magnetic track light

magnetic track light

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