How to choose LED pendant light to improve the style of the living room?

1,171 Published by admin Nov 12,2019

Nowadays, many people like to decorate the LED pendant light in the living room. On the one hand, because the hanging light line is soft, it will not stimulate the eyes; on the other hand, because the LED pendant light is beautiful in style, it can play a role in beautifying the living environment. Therefore, the LED pendant light has become the object of hot selection in the decoration.


LED pendant light


In order to help you choose your favorite LED pendant light, let's talk about some tips for choosing a LED pendant light.

         1.When selecting the LED pendant light, the height of the room and the indoor environment should be considered. The thickness of the LED pendant lightshould be less than one-third of the maximum diameter of the LED pendant light. The ratio of the net height of the LED pendant lightto the top of the LED pendant light to the thickness of the LED pendant light is 1.

         2.according to the size of the house, choose the appropriate LED pendant light; according to the height of the house, choose the appropriate LED pendant light. Make sure that the ground to the lowest point of the LED pendant light is 2.2 meters high.

         3.according to the decoration style of the house, choose the LED pendant light that suits the style. If the decoration style of the house is European, choose the LED pendant light of the corresponding style.


LED pendant light


        4.Check the original part of the LED pendant lightelectrical appliance. Many LED pendant lightsare made of wrought iron materials, and the products are highly conductive. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the safety when purchasing the pendant lights.

        5.The quality of the luminaire is also a problem that we need to consider. First, we must look at the hang on the luminaire. It must bear the weight of the whole luminaire. The quality of the hang is very important. The second is to look at the quality of the glass or imitation crystal above the LED pendant light. Choose the material from the color and brightness. The third is to look at the accessories of the LED pendant light's products.

        6.LED pendant light maintenance and cleaning Generally, the more beautiful LED pendant lights usually have more complicated shapes and lampshades. If the dust is dusty, the lamps are often rusted and lacquered, and the lampshades are dim due to dust. It is best not to wash the lamps with water. Do not wipe them with a damp cloth immediately after turning on the lights, because the bulbs will burst when exposed to water at high temperatures.

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