Where should wall lights indoor be placed?

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The wall is the most accessible structural surface in daily life. Therefore, illuminating the wall can increase the light entering the line of sight, and even if the floor is not well lit, it can make the entire space feel bright.

As one of the main lights to illuminate the walls, wall lights indoor are usually used to meet basic lighting needs and create an indoor atmosphere. Although wall lights indoor are very common in daily life, many people still have some questions: Where are wall lights indoor usually suitable for installation? What is the installation height of the wall lights iindoor?


If you want to know the answers to these questions, please read the following carefully!



Where is the wall lights indoor suitable for installation


  • wall lights indoor installation position 1: bedside

The bedroom is a place for us to rest and relax. Many people like to read before going to bed. In order to meet this need and avoid affecting others' rest, we need to install wall lamps with auxiliary lighting on our bedside. The wall lights iindoor installed here is best to choose the lamp head can adjust the direction, the brightness of the light is 150lx (150 illuminance), and the color temperature is about 4000k. The style of the wall lights iindoor should be considered to echo the overall design style of the room to obtain the best visual effect.




  • wall lights indoor installation position 2: before the bathroom mirror

If the bathroom only has overall lighting, it is easy to make unnatural shadows appear on the face. In order to make yourself in the bathroom mirror more beautiful and not make people feel dazzling, soft-lighted wall lights indoor are usually installed on the left and right sides or above the mirror. The style of the bathroom wall lamp should be consistent with the bathroom style. When choosing, pay attention to the moisture-proof performance of the wall lamp, and try to choose a dust-proof and moisture-proof coefficient IP greater than or equal to 54.



  • wall lights indoor installation position 3: living room

If the living room space is relatively open, you can consider placing a wall lamp on the wall of the living room. It is usually installed on both sides of the TV wall or the side of the sofa wall. Indoor wall lamps are installed on the side of the sofa to achieve local lighting effects while adjusting indoor light to increase a harmonious atmosphere. The wall lights indoor on both sides of the TV wall can adjust the light of the TV to make the picture soft and not dazzling.



  • wall lights indoor installation position 4: dining room

For spacious restaurants, wall lights can be used as auxiliary lighting. It can not only increase the sense of spatial hierarchy, but also set off a warm and romantic dining atmosphere. In a restaurant with a small space, you can choose to install some wall lights indoor that fit the restaurant’s style. The soft lighting creates a warm atmosphere and makes the compact space appear open.



  • wall lights indoor installation position five: corridor aisle, staircase corner

The common point of the corridor and the corner of the stairs is that some places cannot be illuminated by the main light source, accompanied by the problem of dark corners. In order to avoid this situation, we can install wall lamps as auxiliary lighting at the corners of the corridor or stairs. Add some decorations on or around the walls of corridors and stairwells to break the overall dullness.



Installation height of wall lights indoor  


Generally, the installation height of wall lights indoor needs to consider the height of the room. The installation height of the wall lamp should be higher than the horizontal line of sight (about 1.8 meters). The height of the ordinary indoor wall lamp from the working surface is about 1.4 meters to 1.9 meters, and the height from the ground is about 2.2 meters to 2.6meters.



However, the bedside wall lamp must not only consider the installation height above the horizontal line of sight, but also the distance between the lamp and the bed surface. If the wall lights indoor is installed too high, the lighting effect will be poor; but if the wall lights indoor is installed too low, it is easy to hit the head and cause injury. Therefore, when installing a bedside wall lamp, it is necessary to determine the height of the indoor wall lamp from the ground and the distance from the wall. The bedside wall lamp is usually installed at a height of 1.5-1.7 meters from the ground and 9.5-49 cm from the wall.



Here are some very nice wall lights indoor suitable for decorating your warm home!

Top and bottom light transmission


Cube led wall light – ALWL0013

Indoor IP20 8w Dim to warm up and down LED Wall Mounted Light – ALWL0023


Adjustable angle

Hotel /Bedside LED Wall Reading light – ALWL0020

Aluminum 3 year warranty high end finishing 3W indoor LED wall light reading lamp – ALWL0053



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