How to install the ceiling lights?

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The ceiling light is a kind of lighting device, the upper part of which is relatively flat, and the bottom is completely close to the ceiling when installed. It has indoor and outdoor IP: IP20 (indoor) and IP54 (outdoor). Suitable for family residences, commercial offices, cultural and entertainment venues. At present, LED ceiling lights are more popular in the market.

To meet the lighting needs of customers, ALPHA LIGHTING, which has been engaged in the lighting industry for more than ten years, combined with the market development trend, and based on the existing ceiling lamp styles, innovatively developed the following three new styles of led ceiling lights:


(一)Single head led ceiling lights

The most common led ceiling lights are fixed downlights, which are generally cylindrical or rectangular, with their back attached to the ceiling to light it directly below the lamp. In addition to the form of fixed downlighting, there are also ceiling lights with adjustable angles. The illuminating direction of the adjustable LED ceiling lights are not limited to directly below the lamp, the illumination range is more flexible, and the front part of the lamp body can be swung to illuminate the object, or to create a light spot on the wall.



Ceiling lights——the light source is hidden and anti-glare, the overall design is simple and generous. It can be used in corridors, stairs, balconies, kitchens, bar counters, etc., with a wide range of applications.




(二)Grille multi-head led ceiling lights

According to the number of lamp holders of the grille led ceiling lights, it can be divided into single head grille led ceiling lights, double head grille led ceiling lights, three head grille led ceiling lights ,and so on.



Different numbers of lamp holders are suitable for different occasions. Single-head and double-head ceiling lights are usually suitable for aisles, porches, balconies ,and bedrooms in the home. Ceiling lights with three or more lamp heads are more suitable for commercial lighting in family living rooms or relatively spacious occasions.




(三)Adjustable angle led ceiling spotlight

Ceiling lights——Led ceiling spotlights not only have the characteristics of spotlights that can create atmosphere and enhance the sense of spatial hierarchy but also have the advantages of convenient installation and unloading of ceiling lights and strong integrity.



Due to the advantages of combined spotlights and ceiling lights, led ceiling spotlights are suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as residential homes, hotels, villas, and commercial lighting.




LED ceiling lights are loved and supported by consumers because of their excellent lighting effects and the effect of creating a spacious atmosphere. However, when most consumers buy led ceiling lights, they often only pay attention to the appearance of the ceiling lights and ignore the coordination between the LED ceiling lights and the structure of the house after installation. As a result, the purchased LED ceiling lights cannot meet people's needs. Therefore, to achieve the ideal effect of the installed led ceiling lights, the following describes the installation method of the led ceiling lights and the precautions during the installation process in detail in conjunction with the picture.


Whether it is the classic style of led ceiling lights or the more innovative led ceiling spotlights and multi-head grille ceiling lights, the installation and fixing methods are mainly divided into two types:

The first is the knob/snap type installation and fixation:



1、Place the base of the ceiling lights to the position to be installed

2、Use an electric drill to drive the screw into the hole of the ceiling lights base and fix it to the ceiling

3、Connect the reserved power cord to the wire on the back of the lamp body

4、Tighten the screw of the lamp body and the base to align the knob tightly / buckle with the card position of the base.


The second is to install and fix the machine with screws:



1. . Place the base bracket of the ceiling lights at the position to be installed

2. Use an electric drill to screw the screw into the hole of the ceiling lights base bracket, and then fix it to the ceiling

3. Connect the reserved power cord to the wire on the back of the lamp body

4. Fix the bottom box on the back of the lamp body with the base, use the Allen wrenches on both sides of the bottom box to lock the machine screws in the corresponding holes, press the base bracket, and then lock and fix it.


Whether there are knob/snap-mounted ceiling lights or screw-mounted ceiling lights, its installation and disassembly are relatively simple, which brings great convenience to future replacement and maintenance. Compared with track lights and chandeliers, ceiling lights have lower space requirements and a wide range of applications.

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