Why is it recommended to choose trimless recessed lighting for home lighting?

150 Published by admin Mar 25,2021

What istrimless recessed lighting?

The trimless recessed lighting fitting is a plastered-in fitting, a light fitting that has “no trim” because it is “buried” in the ceiling or wall, shedding light in a seamless way without any round / square edge around it.A trimless recessed lighting solution is the way to go if you are aiming for a minimalistic design and want to give the overall impression of seamlessness and quality. Trimless recessed lighting are perse the designer’s and the perfectionist’s choice.

In order to let everyone better feel the charm of borderless recessed lights, we will introduce the cases and installation methods of round and square trimless recessed lighting. First, I will introduce the case of using circular trimless recessed lighting-Shanghai Huashan Apartment. In this case, according to the needs of different scenes, a warm yellow 3000k trimless recessed lighting is used, which visually presents an elegant and beautiful, simple and generous warm effect.


The installation method of the circulartrimless recessed lighting :

The installation method is relatively complicated: after the power is cut off, the ceiling is opened with holes of the corresponding size, the bracket of the embedded frame is adjusted to the thickness of the ceiling, and the ceiling is fixed with nails, and then ash processing is required. Finally, connect the lamp and drive it into the fixed pre-embedded frame, and fix it with the buckle. The entire infinite recessed light is perfectly combined with the ceiling. In addition, the trimless recessed lighting in private homes are also the first choice for the public. The overall home environment is comfortable and generous, giving people a relaxed and warm feeling.


The square shape has clear lines, and the space looks more three-dimensional and modern. The trimless design is closely integrated with the ceiling to better maintain the overall sense and simplicity of the ceiling.

The performance and advantages of the square trimless recessed lighting are almost the same as the circular recessed light, but there are differences in the shape of the luminaire.

The advantages of trimless recessed lighting

Therefore, for the following reasons, it is recommended to use trimless recessed lighting when choosing home lighting:


First of all, it has a cleaner architectural lighting design appearance. The non-decorative design (also called invisible decoration or frameless) makes the installation look neater and seamless (just like embedded in the ceiling), and visually expands the space of the entire house.

What's more, for the maintenance and maintenance of the later lamps and lanterns, the trimless recessed lighting greatly reduces the damage rate of the ceiling. You only need to remove the middle lamp body snap-in type for repair, without destroying the embedded frame installation of the ceiling, and can continue to maintain The integrity of smallpox.


Finally,wide application range. Trimless recessed lighting are suitable for various occasions, such as living room, bedroom, dining room and other places in the home. But it should be noted that for places with high humidity in the house, it is necessary to choose a lamp with a large IP value to extend the service life of the lamp.

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