Professional LED lighting project case-Mexico Grand Velas Resort

957 Published by admin Aug 23,2019

The hotel is a little further south of Cancun Beach, with complete facilities. Including: Private Beach, restaurants with various flavors, Piano Bar, Cigar Bar, gym, etc. The whole resort stretches from the seaside to the inland about 1 km. The environment of the guest area is semi-enclosed, which is basically the case in tropical resort hotels. The corridor is wide, the landscape is varied, and the decoration is meticulous but not complicated.

    ALPHA LIGHTING provides quality architectural lighting solutions for Mexico Grand Velas Resort. ALPHA LIGHTING combines the customer's engineering to select the most suitable and cost-effective professional LED lighting for customers. For example, we will consider the customer's architectural style, architectural lighting, visual and Other aspects to provide customers with the best. In this project, ALPHA LIGHTING has also been recognized by customers!
Next, please watch ALPHA LIGHTING's professional LED lighting project for Mexico Grand Velas Resort.

  ALPHA LIGHTING's  professional LED lighting project case -Mexico Grand Velas Resort

Professional LED lighting project

professional LED lighting project case -Mexico Grand Velas Resort

professional LED lighting project case -Mexico Grand Velas Resort

professional LED lighting project case -Mexico Grand Velas Resort

professional LED lighting project case -Mexico Grand Velas Resort


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