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Published by adminSep 02,2019

Common things about LED underground lights that you shoul...

LED underground lights are now widely used in parks, lawns, plazas, courtyards, flower beds, and pedestrian street decorations. However, in the early practical applications, LED underground lights showed various problems. The biggest problem is the waterproof problem. At first, it was believed that the LED underground lights does not need to be IP68 rated waterproof because it is not as long as the LED underwater light in the underwater environment and under the pressure of water. But in fact, LED buried lights need to solve the waterproof problem. In practical applications, LED buried lights are now on the ground or in the soil, in addition to dealing with rainy days or water immersion, but also to deal with the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.To solve the waterproof problem of LED underground lights, we must start from several aspects. Housing: Die-cast aluminum housing is a common choice, and the die-cast aluminum housing is waterproof. However, due to the differen...

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Published by adminAug 30,2019

Why it’s necessary to install led step light ?

In the field of lighting, the Led step light should be called the wall light. It is more suitable to install 0.3M from the ground. The commonly used light source is energy-saving lamp and incandescent lamp. With the advancement of technology, a large number of LED lights have been used as their illumination sources. It is necessary to install a Led step light in your home for three reasons. Good security During the renovation, many household owners may consider: Is it necessary to install the Led step light? If there are old people and children in the family, it is necessary. They get up in the night to drink a glass of water, or go to the bathroom. The headlights not only have to find the switch, but also may cause headaches because of too bright light, which will affect other people in the family to rest. The Led step light is relatively convenient, especially the current induction LED Led step light is better, and can be automatically sensed according to the position of the human...

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Published by adminAug 27,2019

How to decorate your home with led pendant lights?

Pendant lighting is part of indoor lighting that includes conventional and modern lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling, lighting up a room or any other indoor space. From restaurants and retail outlets to traditional houses and ultramodern homes, you will see them everywhere.Modern led pendant lights are not to be confused with flush mount lights. While flush mount lights are installed directly into an opening in the ceiling, led pendant lights typically hang from the ceiling and are suspended using cables, cords, chains or wires. Flush mount lamps give you the impression that the light is coming directly from the ceiling, while led pendant lights are explicit in nature and often used to not only illuminate spaces, but also add aesthetic value to them.  The body of a led pendant light is as important as its light source or the actual light, since it is what defines the look and style of the lamp.Modern pendant lamps and chandeliers are made using different types of materials...

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Published by adminAug 22,2019

How to judge the quality of downlight ( 一)

A big selling point for many downlight is that there is no stroboscopic. Since there is no strobe, you have to understand what strobe is. Most downlight have stroboscopic phenomenon, because the daily electricity is 220V 50Hz AC, and the LED light itself reacts to the current. The higher the current, the brighter the light, the smaller the current, the less bright the light, so caused a strobe. The 50Hz AC mentioned above refers to 50 times of sinusoidal waveform conversion in one second. Most ordinary downlight use 50Hz AC to work. At this time, 100 times of light and dark flashing images are generated every second. It is then changed from dark to dark (the change perceived by the human eye is within 30 Hz, 100 changes per second). For these changes, the brain can't tell, but it can detect these changes in the eye muscles such as pupil contraction. If the strobo is too large, the muscles will be in a state of intense work for a long time, causing visual fatigue and impairing visio...

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