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Published by adminNov 13,2019

Why the people’s illumination is important?

The results of the Korean research team show that proper lighting helps people to eliminate drowsiness in the morning. Maybe you will never get up again in the morning. This is the one of real samples for the important of the people’s illumination.   The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) proposes that blue-enriched LED light can effectively improve the morning waking. This research has become a further support for the development of  people’s illumination  and provides the basis for a major change in the lighting strategy of the future.   At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists discovered a new "third" kind of photoreceptor cells in the human retina and further studied the relationship between light and physiological effects. This discover offers the support to the people’s illumination.     Two experts from KAIST Industrial Design, suggested that the effects of blue light on physiological responses can positively regulate melat...

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Published by adminNov 12,2019

How to choose LED pendant light to improve the style of t...

Nowadays, many people like to decorate the LED pendant light in the living room. On the one hand, because the hanging light line is soft, it will not stimulate the eyes; on the other hand, because the LED pendant light is beautiful in style, it can play a role in beautifying the living environment. Therefore, the LED pendant light has become the object of hot selection in the decoration.     In order to help you choose your favorite LED pendant light, let's talk about some tips for choosing a LED pendant light.          1.When selecting the LED pendant light, the height of the room and the indoor environment should be considered. The thickness of the LED pendant lightshould be less than one-third of the maximum diameter of the LED pendant light. The ratio of the net height of the LED pendant lightto the top of the LED pendant light to the thickness of the LED pendant light is 1.          2.according to the size of the house, choose the appropriate LED pendant light; accor...

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Published by adminNov 11,2019

Installation method and precautions of LED underground li...

The construction quality problems of  LED underground lights  or underwater lamps are mainly the water seepage of the lamps and the water leakage in the middle junction box of the line. Therefore, when planning the construction scheme of the LED underground lights or underwater lighting, the power supply line should adopt the appropriate connection method to minimize the intermediate joint; when the intermediate joint is unavoidable, it is necessary to find a centralized connection box at the appropriate position on the ground. The lamp-side power supply side connector of the lamp is concentrated in the junction box connection; when the lamp is unpacked and equipped with light source and wiring on site, the sealing level of the lamp may be lowered due to environmental and improper operation, leaving a quality hazard, and the product is required to be shipped when necessary. A good light source with a length of lamp base is critical. Therefore, a reasonable and comprehensive construc...

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Published by adminOct 23,2019

How to choose the style of home LED wall lamp?

As a highly decorative LED wall lamp, it is an important factor to consider when decorating a home. The main function of the LED wall lamp is to decorate and mount it on the wall as an auxiliary illumination. The LED wall lamp is well matched, and the overall interior design grade will be improved a lot. So the choice of LED wall lamp is especially important.     LED wall lamp purchase notes: First, the color of the LED wall lamp should be coordinated with the color of the installed wall. Second, confirm the quality of the lamp itself. Third, the light of the LED wall lamp should be soft as well. Fourth, different types of wall lights should be selected for different spaces.     LED wall lamp style: First, European LED wall lamp European LED wall lamp originated in the 1980s and has been used in the domestic decoration industry for the past two years to reflect the elegance of the European aristocratic atmosphere.   Second, the garden LED wall lamp The rustic-s...

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