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Published by adminMay 28,2021

ALPHA LIGHTING 2021 Guangya Exhibition, invites you to wi...

Alpha Lighting: Start from the top-level design, integrate the global high-quality supply chain, and prove the quality of China's lighting fixtures with excellent design and excellent quality. ALPHA LIGHTING is a famous commercial lighting brand in Italy. It was born in Florence, Italy in 2010. So far, it has established long-term strategic partnerships with more than 300 customers around the world, and its products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions. As a global high-end commercial lighting brand, ALPHA LIGHTING is committed to providing professional lighting design for commercial spaces such as global high-end hotels and luxury brand stores, and has always been at the forefront of lighting design. With unique lighting design concepts, many excellent indoor lighting cases have been created and become models of lighting design.     Business card: Guangdong Alpha Lighting Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 10.2 A29) Guangdong Alpha Lighting Co., Ltd. was established...

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Published by adminMay 14,2021

What color should be chosen for reading lights?

The color temperature and brightness of the reading lights will affect your reading experience, and affect your eye fatigue and sleep cycle. In order to have a good reading environment and experience, how should we choose reading lights?     First of all, we must understand what is color temperature? Color temperature is a physical quantity that optically measures the color of a light source. The unit of color temperature is K, which is Kelvin. Generally speaking, the color change is a gradual process of red, orange, yellow, light yellow, white, and light blue. A lower color temperature means that the light will emit a red wavelength, showing a warm color. A higher color temperature means that the light will emits a blue wavelength, showing a cool color .     A higher color temperature can increase the excitement of the brain, attract people's attention, and improve alertness and intellectual activity. In addition, the blue wavelength can also improve the mood ...

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Published by adminMay 07,2021

Where should wall lights indoor be placed?

     Share this page                        The wall is the most accessible structural surface in daily life. Therefore, illuminating the wall can increase the light entering the line of sight, and even if the floor is not well lit, it can make the entire space feel bright. As one of the main lights to illuminate the walls, wall lights indoor are usually used to meet basic lighting needs and create an indoor atmosphere. Although wall lights indoor are very common in daily life, many people still have some questions: Where are wall lights indoor usually suitable for installation? What is the installation height of the wall lights iindoor?   If you want to know the answers to these questions, please read the following carefully!     Where is the wall lights indoor suitable for installation   wall lights indoor installation position 1: bedside The bedroom is a place for us to rest and relax. Many people like to read before going to bed. In order ...

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Published by adminApr 30,2021

What is the best led bedroom lighting ?

    Share this page                                                                                                  Lighting is the most attractive flirtation in the room. While satisfying basic lighting, the led bedroom lighting also takes into account the functions of accent lighting and creating atmosphere. A good led bedroom lighting design can not only meet the basic lighting, but also make you relieve fatigue, relax your body and mind, and improve the quality of sleep. In order to better play the role of led bedroom lighting design, how do we choose the best-led bedroom lighting according to our needs?         The bedroom needs to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and the lighting is best to be soft. Under the premise of satisfying lighting, try to choose a warmer coclor lamp with lower brightness and lower color temperature. Generally, the color temperature is less than or equal to 4000k. If you need to read or work in the bedroom, you can use auxi...

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