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Published by adminApr 19,2021

How to install the ceiling lights?

The ceiling light is a kind of lighting device, the upper part of which is relatively flat, and the bottom is completely close to the ceiling when installed. It has indoor and outdoor IP: IP20 (indoor) and IP54 (outdoor). Suitable for family residences, commercial offices, cultural and entertainment venues. At present, LED ceiling lights are more popular in the market. To meet the lighting needs of customers, ALPHA LIGHTING, which has been engaged in the lighting industry for more than ten years, combined with the market development trend, and based on the existing ceiling lamp styles, innovatively developed the following three new styles of led ceiling lights:   (一)Single head led ceiling lights The most common led ceiling lights are fixed downlights, which are generally cylindrical or rectangular, with their back attached to the ceiling to light it directly below the lamp. In addition to the form of fixed downlighting, there are also ceiling lights with adjustable angles....

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Published by adminMar 25,2021

Why is it recommended to choose trimless recessed lightin...

What istrimless recessed lighting? The trimless recessed lighting fitting is a plastered-in fitting, a light fitting that has “no trim” because it is “buried” in the ceiling or wall, shedding light in a seamless way without any round / square edge around it.A trimless recessed lighting solution is the way to go if you are aiming for a minimalistic design and want to give the overall impression of seamlessness and quality. Trimless recessed lighting are perse the designer’s and the perfectionist’s choice. In order to let everyone better feel the charm of borderless recessed lights, we will introduce the cases and installation methods of round and square trimless recessed lighting. First, I will introduce the case of using circular trimless recessed lighting-Shanghai Huashan Apartment. In this case, according to the needs of different scenes, a warm yellow 3000k trimless recessed lighting is used, which visually presents an elegant and beautiful, simple and generous warm effect. &nb...

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Published by adminMar 23,2021

Do you know the design essentials of outdoor garden light...

A good outdoor garden lighting design can make your garden not only meet the lighting needs at night, but also bring beautiful visual enjoyment.Specifically, the outdoor garden lighting is divided into three layers according to function:   1、 Overall lighting : The overall lighting provides lighting for the entire garden or the entire space.   2、Task lighting : Task lighting is used for specific purposes, such as lighting garden paths.   3、Accent lighting : Accent lighting attracts the attention of objects or areas, such as pool lighting. This is usually done with spotlights or floodlights.    In order to achieve the above three functions, we need to choose different types of outdoor garden lighting fixtures, such as outdoor wall lights, underground lights and spike lights. Below are examples of different types of outdoor garden lighting to illustrate the suitable scenes of various lighting and the places that need attention. Wall lights Usually It is installed on the thr...

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Published by adminDec 20,2019

How to match kitchen lamps

How to match kitchen lamps   The kitchen is a space for cooking and cooking. The lighting of the kitchen space usually needs to have two elements of practicality and aesthetics. Practicality is mainly considered when there is enough light when cooking in the kitchen space, and it will not be blocked by the light to affect the operation of cooking and cooking; and the aesthetics is mainly from the perspective of life aesthetics to meet the basic daily needs. On the basis, to achieve a more refined and comfortable living environment, let's share some examples of matching  kitchen lamps !     Embedded ceiling-mounted kitchenand bathroom lights The simple design of the lamps embedded in the ceiling is suitable for the kitchen space with large fume. It is a more practical design.   2.Downlight For the design of kitchen ceiling not using aluminum gussets, but plasterboard, this kind of flat kitchen ceiling can choose the downlight embedded in the ceiling. This simpl...

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