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Published by adminDec 07,2021

2021 Light Art Creation and Sharing Forum will open soon

    In order to promote the innovative development of the optical art industry, highlight the practical significance and value of optical art in the fields of visual art aesthetics, social economy, and culture. Aladdin will cooperate with the organizer of Guangzhou International Design Week to hold the "2021 Optical Art Creation Forum" at the same time as the design week to promote the awareness and application of the value of optical art by the majority of designers.       Guangzhou Design Week is the first design week in China. It was born in 2006 under the leadership of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. In 2007, it obtained the joint certification of IFI, ICSID, and ICOGRADA three international design organizations. At present, the Guangzhou Design Week partner alliance network has covered more than 30 countries and more than 200 cities around the world. It initiated and organized a series of leading domestic and international well-known design exhibitions, author...

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Published by adminNov 27,2021

ALPHALIGHTING | Talk about beautiful and fashionable trac...

    Lighting is a magical makeup artist. When used in the home, it is not dazzling or overwhelming. It not only simple and advanced ,but also full of atmosphere. Who doesn't want to have it! As the latest trend in the lighting industry, the no main light design is becoming more and more popular among the fashionistas.       The usual design scheme is to spread the house on the ceiling, and then embed light strips or downlights and spotlights on the ceiling. However, the cost of the ceiling is relatively high, so many friends have scruples when decorating. In fact, if you don't want to make the house full of ceilings, you can also use a relatively economical way to beautifully realize the main lighting, that is: track light.         Track light has a wide range of applicability. When used in spaces with different heights, they can be well integrated into them. Even if the decoration styles are different, there is no sense of violation.   First, the advantages of ...

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Published by adminNov 26,2021

ALPHALIGHTING was invited to attend the Hong Kong design ...

      On October 28th, the 2021 Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Designers Competition and Design Masters Exchange (Phase 6) was successfully held in Shenzhen! This event was organized by the Hong Kong Association of Interior Designers/Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Designers Competition Organizing Committee, and ALPHALIGHTING served as the gold sponsor.         Ms. Hua Chao, the project leader of ALPHALIGHTING, was invited to attend this grand event and exchanged and shared with 50 industry leaders in Shenzhen, the city of design, to seek common development.         This forum focuses on the fundamental issues of development, releases the development potential of designers and product supply chains in various big cities, and strives to achieve economic integration, development linkage, and achievement sharing. Build an open, inclusive, balanced, and win-win global information platform to accelerate the internationalization of designer brands.         The big cof...

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Published by adminNov 24,2021

Minimalism | MOON series deep hidden anti-glare lamp

  Pick a ray of warm light to illuminate the enthusiasm of life, wherever the beam of light spreads, low-key tenderness spreads, resting time and embracing comfort.     ALPHALIGHTING's hot-selling MOON series, inspired by the bright moonlight, symbolizes that a bright moon brings light to people at night. Its simple circular facet, the minimal industrial style is undoubtedly revealed, bringing a touch of fashion to the space where the lamp is installed.     Although it may look simple in appearance, it has a unique side.     The shape design is different from the traditional wide-sided design. It uses a 5mm narrow side, which is a natural design to reduce the abruptness of the ceiling when the lamp is used. At the same time, the use of the deep anti-glare structure of the lamp body and the sand-grain texture of the surface, coupled with the soft light, no glare, makes the lamp shape more simple and beautiful, and can be better coordinated with t...

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