Balcony lights decorating ideas,which one is your best like?

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The evening breeze on the balcony can bring us some coolness in the hot summer. Enjoying dinner or chatting with family on the balcony is an unparalleled feeling. Summer is the warmest season of the year. For those who don't want to go out, the balcony will become a good outdoor living experience. Regardless of the design level of your balcony, terrace, or deck, lighting is essential.The balcony lights design can provide you with the light you need for activities on the balcony, create an atmosphere, and make your balcony stylish and beautiful.




balcony lights


Types and choices of balcony lights

Common balcony lights include string lights, wall lights, pendants, table lamps, and ceiling lights. You can choose and decorate balcony lights according to your personal preferences. Generally, you need to combine your home decoration style when choosing balcony lights to make your house style unified.


balcony lights


balcony lights——String lights

A simple string of lights can design an ordinary balcony into an attractive outdoor space. Compared with other balcony lights, string lights are cheap and easy to install. In order to be able to choose a suitable light string, it is recommended that you choose according to the type, size, shape, brightness and color temperature of the light string. Because the light string is exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, you must also consider the weather resistance and safety of the light string.



balcony lights


balcony lights


balcony lights——wall lights

Wall lamps are divided into omni-directional diffusion type, upper light distribution type, lower light distribution type, and upper and lower light distribution types according to the light distribution method. The wall lamps of these four light distribution methods can be configured on the balcony according to your personal needs. The wall lamp has the advantage of adding color to the wall, creating an atmosphere and not occupying the ground position. Compared with other balcony lights, wall lamps have a variety of styles and styles, which can give you plenty of choice when buying.


balcony lights

balcony lights


balcony lights——Pendant light

If your balcony has enough space and height, you can consider choosing pendant light as your balcony light fixture. There are various styles of pendant lights, including European pendant lights, crystal pendant lights, Chinese pendant lights, combination pendant lights, etc. You can choose the style according to the style of the house. Generally, pendant light with fan is the best choice for summer balcony. It can not only meet your balcony lighting needs, but also bring you the  coolness.


balcony lights


balcony lights——Ceiling light

The ceiling is a lighting device directly installed on the ceiling. The ceiling lamp is simple and elegant in shape, easy to install, and can bring a clear and bright feeling to the space. If the height of the balcony is low, it is recommended that you choose ceiling lamps as the balcony lighting fixtures. If the size of the ceiling lamp is too large, the whole sense of space will be out of balance. Therefore, you can consider using 1/10 or 1/8 of the diagonal length of the balcony to determine the size of the ceiling lamp.


balcony lights


The above kinds of lamps are very suitable as lighting lamps for the balcony. You can design the balcony lights according to your favorite style. When you leisurely eat dinner and chat with your family on the balcony, sufficient light can ensure the development of activities and create a pleasant evening full of summer fun for you.


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