Dongguan alpha lighting Co., Ltd invites you to the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition!

823 Published by admin Oct 22,2019

The Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition is expected to be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from October 27 to 30, 2019. Dongguan alpha lighting Co., Ltd attaches great importance to each lighting exhibition and actively participates in the exhibition. While showing its strength through the exhibition, we absorb the latest industry trends, seize the opportunities brought by the increasing globalization, and designs and produces more products that satisfy everyone.This year, Dongguan alpha lighting Co., Ltd will be in booth 1con-046. Welcome to come.



Dongguan alpha lighting Co., Ltd


The Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition is hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and has been successfully held for 20 times since 1999.The 21st exhibition will be held in 2019.Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition aims to show new lighting products to buyers from all over the world, provides high-quality trade platform for businesses around the world, and promotes international exchanges and cooperation in the field of lighting.

The large number of buyers and exhibitors, as well as the ever-increasing trading volume, have made the exhibition a prominent position in the industry. Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition has become the largest industry exhibition in Asia, ranking second in the world.

As a regular visitor of Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition, after months of careful preparation, alpha lighting Co., Ltd, together with the latest commercial lighting products, perfectly blooms in Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition. This time, alpha lighting brings the latest product line, as well as different commercial lighting projects.We are committed to bringing more possibilities for lighting design. Our innovative product design and high-quality commercial project exhibition will open our eyes.

From October 27 to 30, 2019, Dongguan  alpha lighting Co., Ltd  will wait for you at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center!

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