Professional LED light project case-Korea Walker-Hill

704 Published by admin Sep 28,2019

      Founded in 1963,Walker Hill is located in 139 acres of  Acha Mountains in the northeast of Seoul, South Korea.Walker-Hill has always been the cradle of Korea's tourism industry. It is the first six-star hotel in Asia that integrates food, leisure, entertainment and shopping.In addition to its beautiful natural environment, exquisite and high-end hotel interior decoration and abundant supporting facilities such as swimming pool, duty-free shops and casinos,Walker-Hill has become one of the preferred locations for Korean drama shooting.

     ALPHA LIGHTING provides quality architectural lighting solutions for Korea Walker-Hill. ALPHA LIGHTING combines the customer's engineering to select the most suitable and cost-effective professional LED light for customers. For example, we will consider the customer's architectural style, architectural lighting, visual and Other aspects to provide customers with the best. In this project, ALPHA LIGHTING has also been recognized by customers!
Next, please watch ALPHA LIGHTING's professional LED light project for Korea Walker-Hill.


  ALPHA LIGHTING's professional LED light project case -Korea Walker-Hill

Professional LED light  project for Korea Walker-Hill

professional LED light


professional LED light


professional LED light


professional LED light

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