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Published by adminNov 22,2019

Advantages of using LED lights

Advantages of using LED lights (1) LED light-emitting diodes, fast response speed, LED light-emitting diodes, the response frequency of the f tau tau and injection of minority carrier life MC related, such as GaAs material made of LED light-emitting diodes, the τmc, generally within the scale of 1-10 ns, the frequency response of about 16-160 MHz, such a high response frequency for video signal display 6.5 MHz is enough, this also is to realize video LED light-emitting diodes, big screen moment factor.     (2) LED high luminous efficiency: incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp light efficiency for 12-24lm/w(lumen/watt), fluorescent lamp light efficiency for 50-70lm /w, sodium lamp light efficiency for 90-140lm /w, large part of the electricity consumption into heat loss. (3) LED light-emitting diodes save energy: the spectrum of LED light-emitting diodes is almost all concentrated in the visible frequency band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80-90%.LED light-emi...

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Published by adminNov 20,2019

How to buy ceiling lamps?

Lamps, like curtains, are basically the last part of the home. Most people are refurbished, considering what kind of lights to install, but there are many types of lamps, including ceiling lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, downlights,etc. The decorative effects of different lamps are also different. Today, I will introduce how to buy a ceiling lamp.     1.choose the right light source With the widespread use of LED lighting, LED lights have gradually penetrated into home lighting. For household ceiling lamps, the current light source is mainly LED. Compared with other light sources, the price of LED ceiling lamps is not very expensive, and it has the characteristics of power saving, long service life, strong brightness and high cost performance. Then, we can check if the light source is bright and the color temperature is right. It is very simple to identify whether the color temperature is suitable. Just light a lamp and then stand under the lamp to read the book. If it lo...

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Published by adminNov 19,2019

Why do people choose LED spotlights?

LED spotlights actually refer to spotlights that use light-emitting diodes as light sources. The difference between this new type of LED spotlights and traditional spotlights is reflected in the principle of illumination and energy conservation and environmental protection. Conventional spotlights generally use halogen lamps, so their luminous efficiency is very low, and they are also very power-consuming. Not only are energy-saving effects not good, but the service life is also very short. The new  LED spotlights  that are commonly used today have many advantages and are widely favored.     1.Energy-saving. The characteristic of LED spotlightsis that it is more energy-efficient. Since the spectrum of LED spotlights is almost exclusively concentrated in the visible light band, its luminous efficiency is relatively high, so it has very good energy-saving effect. 2.Environmental-friendly. LED spotlightsare environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury in the ...

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Published by adminNov 15,2019

How to make good lighting ambiance? Three tips for lighti...

Tip 1: avoid using too many downlights In decorating agitation ambiance nowadays, a lot of stylist like to install on smallpox a lot of downlights, but overmuch downlights are supoosed to be very bright, producing a lot of glare at the same time. A large number of downlights are not suitable for long-term irradiation of the human body, which should be reasonably applied in key lighting and basic lighting.     Tip 2: reduce the use of fluorescent lights Fluorescent lamp is a kind of cold illuminant, stimulate fluorescent material to give off light through high voltage. Fluorescent lamp is in actually with high frequency flicker, although the vision of the person cannot detect, but damaging to the eye actually to make people fatigue. Of course, most households now use LED energy saving instead of traditional fluorescent lights, but there are still a small number of households still use fluorescent lights as the main light source, from the point of view of health and energy ...

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