ALPHALUCE Staircase Lighting – Inviting Glow To Your Space

118 Published by admin May 09,2022

ALPHALUCE Staircase Lighting can be dramatic, subtle, and functional. Stairs are often a key vocal point in a house and can lead your eye through from one space to another.


Any staircase illuminated by good lighting will look amazing. There is no one ‘right way’ to light staircases; it very much depends on design, construction and desired look and feel.


Indoors or outdoors, lighting a stairway improves safety and adds an inviting glow to your space. Staircase Lighting Singapore can be used to enhance your landscape, to amplify your deck lighting when entertaining, for commercial exterior lighting, or simply to feel more secure knowing your staircase is brightly lit.


A key consideration in staircase lighting is fixing points. Whether you’re lighting from above, at tread level or in the wall or string, factoring the staircase lighting into the plans is really important in achieving the desired effect.

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