Is the study lighting correct in your house?

200 Published by admin Mar 14,2019

The study is a place where people return to the office environment after finishing their day's work. Therefore, it is both an extension of the office and part of family life. Therefore, we have several areas for the study lighting: work area - desk, which needs to provide local illumination; display area - bookshelf, which needs to have enough illumination to facilitate us to access information; environment - activity space, which needs to provide ambient light And accent lighting in certain areas.


The study lighting design is designed to meet the three district lighting of the environment, bookcase cabinets and work area.

1.Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is primarily to provide basic lighting for the study lighting. In the human field of vision, a balanced brightness distribution results in better visual comfort while making the space look wider. Therefore, we can achieve a balanced distribution of brightness by installing embedded or surface-type lamps in the study, but whether it is a ceiling or a chandelier, the power is recommended to be 20~30W.

 study lighting study lighting

2.Bookcase cabinets

Why need to equip with the lights in the bookshelf for the studying lighting? This is because the ambient light is usually a ceiling light or a recessed light fixture, and these lights are illuminated downwards and cannot illuminate the books in the cabinet. But if you put a spotlight on the top of the bookcase or LED strips on the inside of the cabinet, we can look at the spine of each book, and it doesn't take any pain to pick up the data!


3.Work area

Working area is a important part in the studying lighting. Desk lamp is a must in the study lighting. So desk lamp should be evenly illuminated, so it should not be too close to people to avoid glare.

 study lighting

The comfortable study lighting will upgrade your working efficiency.

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