Five tips for Choosing a healthy led light ?

180 Published by admin Mar 29,2019

In recent years, with the enhancement of people's awareness of healthy led light, more and more people begin to pay attention to and buy health LED light. But in the face of the various types of LED lights on the market, how to choose has become a headache for many consumers. Today, we will share a few tips for choosing a healthy LED light.

healthy led light

  1. The ledchip

Chip is the core of LED light emitting components, different brands, different models of lamp bead luminous efficiency and color index are different. Most of the lamps on the market are single-crystal chips, and integrated chips, also known as COB chips, are more efficient than single-crystal chips. So when choose and buy, choose COB chip as far as possible, not only use life is long, and luminous efficiency, color index is higher, use a situation more extensive also.

  1. The color temperature

Different lighting places, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom have different lighting requirements. At this time, you can choose the color temperature of LED lamp. The color temperature range of LED lamp is 2700-6500k. The smaller the value is, the more yellow light it is, while the smaller the value is, the more blue and white light it is. The most appropriate LED lighting color temperature range, should be close to the sun natural white light color temperature range is the most scientific choice, in the daily home lighting lamps can choose 2700K incandescent light color or 5000K neutral white; Additional, lamplight is not whiter better, the lamplight of tall lubricious temperature is close to the dazzling sunshine at noon, too strong to eye stimulation, and low lubricious temperature produces fatigue feeling easily, only lubricious temperature is comfortable lamplight, and then it is healthy led light.

  1. The flux

Luminous flux is commonly referred to as brightness. Different environments and areas require different amounts of light. The number of light bulbs used varies according to the environment under the same flat. Can consult according to oneself dimensional demand when buying guide personnel. When choosing lamps and lanterns, need to combine illume environment, reference the luminous flux index of the product, or the brightness that notices to observe lamplight, choose brightness enough but not dazzling lamps and lanterns as far as possible.

  1. Thecolor rendering index

See the color index is to see the object in the light of the color of the truth, the value is generally 0-100, now LED bulbs are more than 75 color performance standards, it is better to choose more than 80.

  1. To Conduct stroboscopic test

It is recommended to see whether the selected LED lamps are stroboscopic. Stroboscopic lamps have an effect on eyesight. Stroboscopic is imperceptible to the naked eye, can use mobile phone take photo on the light, if photos appear gray and white stripes "shows a stroboscopic, if there are no" stripes "shows no stroboscopic. In addition, why health and safety is the key when we choosing LED light source products. The reason is this had better choice to accord with national safety standard, the product with excellent quality.

healthy led light

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