How to buy ceiling lamps?

420 Published by admin Nov 20,2019

Lamps, like curtains, are basically the last part of the home. Most people are refurbished, considering what kind of lights to install, but there are many types of lamps, including ceiling lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, downlights,etc. The decorative effects of different lamps are also different. Today, I will introduce how to buy a ceiling lamp.


ceiling lamps


1.choose the right light source

With the widespread use of LED lighting, LED lights have gradually penetrated into home lighting. For household ceiling lamps, the current light source is mainly LED. Compared with other light sources, the price of LED ceiling lamps is not very expensive, and it has the characteristics of power saving, long service life, strong brightness and high cost performance.

Then, we can check if the light source is bright and the color temperature is right. It is very simple to identify whether the color temperature is suitable. Just light a lamp and then stand under the lamp to read the book. If it looks clear and bright, it means that the light source is better and the light effect is high. If the text is not clear, it is bad. There is a simpler way to extend the heart of the hand to the side of the light source and see the color of the palm. If it is rosy, it will clarify that the color temperature is just right, and the color rendering is good. If the palm is blue or purple, the color temperature is too high.



2.look at the driver

The drive is one of the components of an LED luminaire, just like the human heart. The main function of the LED driver circuit is to convert the AC voltage into a constant current source and simultaneously match the voltage and current of the LED. At the same time, the constant current source of the voltage is changed in the case where the input voltage and the ambient temperature fluctuate. The quality of the drive directly determines the reliability, longevity and light effect of the ceiling lamp. attention to the size of the ceiling lamp

Different rooms have different sizes and wattages depending on the size and function. For example, in a bedroom, a room of 9-15 square meters is recommended to use 24W with a diameter of 450mm; for a room of 15m2 or more, it is recommended to use a lamp with a diameter of 550mm and 36W.

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