Useful Tips to teach you how to use the hidden lights?

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The lamp of stair in the home installs in the corner commonly, the lamplight distribution of fluctuation is not even, if find a place for below armrest conceal light, when walking in the night, got companion, suddenly the heart feels warm.

Concealed type hidden lights has a design feeling extremely, the light that gives faintly, lit whole stair.

Besides hidden lights, the design that glows in stair bottom also has contemporary idea very much, be like the small orange lamp in winter night, pan is worn the temperature with slight warm yellow, brightness guides you to walk every pace stair.

 hidden lights

The sitting room

Our current residence, indoor net height is in commonly 2 meters 7 or so, if want to install hidden lights chamfered word, modelling also must concise!!! Originally the indoor height is a little higher than Yao Ming, the complex lamp slot is like a thick arm to wear butterfly sleeves...

The hidden lights with simple modelling has the biggest advantage namely: indirect light

Because it first hits the ceiling, and then the ceiling refracts the light into the room, so that the light has the sense of floating, and visually "elevates" the ceiling, so that the room looks higher.

So the sitting room hidden light is done well, what promote is not just style, still have layer height ~

Sofa upper part can do a few leakage light, let the light circuitous and indirect ground asperses come down, and not be be hit by straight hook, atmosphere came out.

If you want to cool a little bit more, the landing seam is also around playing a circle of light, is not suddenly feel their home prices.

If you want to be a little more low-key and reserved, this kind of design under the desktop to do hidden light is also good.

If you feel the use of large area of hidden light is too conspicuous, then this small range of interior lighting is also very colorful, round log installed on the wall, around a piece of sunshine, cure back from work a tired you.

 hidden lights


Actually in the ground wall seam does hidden light is not the hotel just is applicable, walk at night, need not open the lamp that blinks blind, flicker light flicker is tender satisfy you completely together, romance saves report again.

If I had a little yard at home

Take advantage of garden paths and front porches, create a little hidden light on the ground, and have a welcome feeling of comfort every time you go home.

Of course, outdoor lighting is bound to consider the rain and snow, it is best to consult a little professional meaning

The bedroom

Use some hidden lights in the bedroom light is great oh, or one thousand up to the toilet at night, an open white light, dazzling, awake. Playing mobile phone damage to the eyes in the darkness of the environment is very big, open a headlight is too bright, do a light at the top, the whole room instantly become very soft, promised to small make up, work in the day again how agitated, evening also remember to leave some time for yourself, before bed read any books and write something, let oneself to quiet down.

Look again what will happen if you move invisible light down, the bed seems to suddenly become dramatic, even the nightstand has become sexy.

If whole room is earth color department originally, it is qiu dong's exclusive simply color, the hidden lights below the bed is hit a bit brighter, made simply give suspension effect, the bedroom should affixed apparent individual label namely.


Whether you have a separate closet or not, do a little hidden light under the partition to illuminate every piece of clothing, every pair of shoes, and every bag (this is the filter of legend, ok?).

When you stand in front of a pile of clothes every morning and still feel like you have no clothes to wear, the bright space may make it easier for you to make a choice. You can also find the wardrobe light on a treasure. The wardrobe door opens and the light is on (the principle of induction light).

Light color fastens the effect that has enlarge to expand, look at a beam of light in narrow chest edge, whole space will be enlarged many times ~

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