How to choose Track light Application wisely?

186 Published by admin Aug 14,2019

In today's home interior lighting design, many people prefer to install decorative paintings on vacant sofa walls, without complicated layouts and at the same time decorating the entire space. Not only that, some designers in order to attract people's attention to the decorative paintings, will install a guide light with a certain focus function outside the ceiling close to the sofa wall.Track light Application

Use TRACK LIGHT as the light source for the sofa wall. The decorative painting mounted on the sofa wall is almost illuminated by a greenery, bringing a different kind of vitality to the neutral space, and the smear of the light from the guide rail lights makes peopTrack light Application le's sight Unable to move.

There are generally four ways to install the track: surface mount, wall mount, embedded (with frame), and embedded (without attached frame), which can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the home.

If you want the home track light to be practical and durable, you need to pay attention to its installation position and angle. In the design stage, you must plan the number and distance of the lamps, and also consider the projection direction and purpose of the lamps.

Track lights in different spaces

living room

If the home is not high, the living room will give up the chandelier! The most recommended design is to have two parallel tracks in the living room ceiling, one near the sofa function area and one near the TV wall function area. If you need to read, you can add a floor lamp as a supplementary light source.


The track lights can adjust the light according to the needs, bringing a soft feeling, and the layout is exquisite, improving the comfort of living.


If your home is a long strip kitchen, then it is recommended that you install a track light. Because the track can be adjusted according to the length of the kitchen and the position of the console, and the angle of the track light can cover all areas, completely eliminating the dark blind spot.Track light Application

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