How to select a suitable reading light?

324 Published by admin Dec 15,2018

The reading light on the market have kept the people frowning and overwhelmed. In the face of the people increasing myopia, we have to do something! Choose a good eye-protection lamp and make your hotel projects more high-end, and user friendly. Which reading light is prefered for users?

reading light

1.Color temperature slection

According to the national standard GB/T9473-2017,CCT of reading light should be around 4000K (3985 ± 275K). If the color temperature is about 5000K-6500K, the light will be white and glare; if the color temperature will be low at 2700K-3500K, and the light will be yellowish.

2.Color rendition index(CRI)

The reduction degree in the true color of an object is called the color rendition index of the light source. The CRI of reading light is higher , the original color of the substance is displayed more accurately; the low CRI will make the original bright color darken.

3.Illumination of reading light

As known, the illumination of reading light under the desk lamp is lower, the light on the book is darker. It is not easy to see the word, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue, and the long time will lead to myopia. It is very harmful to eyes. If the illuminance is too high, the strong light will be reflected into the eyes through the white paper surface, causing glare, and the pupil will continue to shrink, which will also cause eye pain and headache, so the illumination of reading light must be within the appropriate range to achieve protection of the eyes.

reading light

According to the No.6.34 rules of the national standard, the level of reading light is classified into Class A and Class AA. Class A is no problem but class AA is the best.

Consumer tips:

When purchasing the reading light, you should pay attention to products with marked parameters.

Try to choose eye-protection products that affect eye health parameters such as color temperature, module power, blue light hazard level,CRI , and illuminance level.

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