How to create beautiful outdoor courtyard garden lighting?

250 Published by admin Dec 28,2018

The beautiful outdoor courtyard garden lighting design always makes many people yearn for it, not the luxury that yearns for it, but more is the desire for it. So how does the courtyard garden lighting at night show her charm? The answer is the light. Choosing the garden lighting design that suits you can not only illuminate the garden-like courtyard, but also ensure the safety of your family during the evening activities. It also adds a lot of warmth, romance and mystery to the garden at night...

outdoor garden lighting

About the courtyard circuit for outdoor courtyard garden lighting

General courtyard circuit, at least 3 roads.

Conventional outdoor courtyard garden lighting lines; courtyard outlet lines; effect lines or supplementary lighting, effect lines. If there is a water system, the water system is generally used as another route. The advantage of separating the routes in this way is: power saving and easy operation. And avoid light pollution.

Today, we share: regular lighting lines.

About partitioning for outdoor courtyard garden lighting .

General lighting, from the partition, there are: ground lawn light series; wall wall light series.

Ground lawn lights are generally installed on both sides of the park road or at important turning points. Play the role of walking lighting.

Wall wall lights are generally installed in the facade walls of the courtyard or the pillars of the gallery. Play the role of intermediate lighting.

About light source selection for outdoor courtyard garden lighting.

When we choose a lamp source, there are also places to pay attention to.

First of all, for garden lighting, use a warm light source whenever possible. A light source that is too cold is generally not suitable for private gardens. Too cold, lack of softness and comfort.

Garden lighting, generally choose floodlights. Simply understand that the top is covered, let the light shine, the top is covered, and then reflected out or down. Avoid direct direct lighting, glaring.

About the style of the lamp for outdoor courtyard garden lighting.

The style of the courtyard lighting is chosen to match the courtyard style. If there is a selection barrier, you can choose a square with a simple line, a rectangle, and a wild. Color, choose black, dark gray, mostly bronze. In general, use less white.

About texture for outdoor courtyard garden lighting.

Garden lighting texture selection: It is recommended that you choose cast aluminum antiques. Looks like wrought iron, it is actually relatively light. The quality is not bad. Thick cast iron lamps are also a good choice, but the price is relatively high.

Now, some designers have independent design lamps, minimalist style, choose one or two, not bad.

Conventional low-cost tens of dollars of garden lights, the quality is generally not very good, regardless of the lamp or lampshade, workmanship is rough, it is not recommended for everyone to choose.

About saving money for outdoor courtyard garden lighting.

Here, I still remind everyone that in the process of private gardening, if the funds are limited, soft or other unimportant structures can be slowly added as follow-up, but must not be hidden in the project or lights, sockets, wires, etc. Save money on parts.

Our courtyard lighting, in addition to conventional lighting, as well as water lighting, effect lighting, effect lighting, generally based on spotlights, when buying, it is recommended that you purchase the elbow plug light, you can adjust the direction and orientation.

Other points of attention for outdoor courtyard garden lighting.

Outdoor patio wires, outdoor cable Threading Pipes are recommended. Regular wires in the room cannot be used. Avoid subsequent hazards. In the elbow and socket interface, be sure to seal, not the wire exposed. At this point, our owners, in the final construction acceptance, also need to pay attention to.

outdoor courtyard garden lighting

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