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what process the residential lighting design need to go t...

In the field of residential lighting design, whether it is the decoration design of a new building or the renovation of an old building, residential lighting design is a topic that cannot be avoided. So, for a homeowner, or a good residential lighting designer, what process does the lighting design need to go through?Today, we mainly talk about residential lighting design project. For example, some cultural characteristics, backgrounds, and user or customer hobbies and group characteristics of the residential lighting design are all designers need to understand and examine. Learn as much as possible about the lighting space distribution and photos and specs of the building's overall and details. It would be better if you could get the structural drawings of the building and the documents such as load-bearing analysis data. At the same time, the residential lighting designer needs to know the building structure, especially the material, color and reflectance used in the surface lay...

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Get the latest catalogue ALPHA LIGHTING 2019-2020

As the people’ pursuit of beauty continues to increase, more and more people are increasingly demanding home lighting. Many people's perceptions of home lighting have long exceeded the basic needs of “just illuminate”. Light is a supplement to decoration and an important part of the interior space. The design of Alpha lighting fixtures not only meets the psychological needs of people, but also gives people a sense of warmth, identity, comfort and taste. The use of large-scale department stores, large offices, hotels, apartments and various commercial facilities has been highly evaluated. In recent years, in all areas of commercial facilities, public facilities, office, residential, landscape, etc., Alpha Lighting has been recognized by the majority of users and recognized by the market for its superior technology and high quality. At present, Alpha Lighting has developed more than 1,000 products. In October, Alpha Lighting team attended the 2018 HK Lighting Fair (Autumn edition), p...

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What Influence Has People’s Mood Caused on Lighting Design?

Lighting design is a technical study to the designers. Why lighting design feature will lead to a mood changer? There is a common sense that when we are living in a soft lighting space, we will be comfortable and in a good mood. However, if we live in a space which lighting is harsh and blinding, we will become irritable and feel sick. Why? A study from “Consumer psychology” shows that the stronger lighting, people’s mood would become more influenced, included positive and negative.The brighter is it, the mood would become more strong. Thus, the color and intensity of lighting design will directly influence people’s mood. What influence will have on design? First of all,when you design a lighting space, the first thing you should consider is how to light the space,and then to the problems on how to use. Second,flexibility is the core value. The flexibility is the strength of smart lighting design. New era of lighting control makes the lighting equipment very convenient on use,so th...

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How to distinguish light distribution for indoor space?

Light distribution for indoor is important for every project. Usually, we will classify lamps according to the nature of the light source, application, etc., such as office lighting, hotel-specific lighting, outdoor lighting, and so on. Today, we are here to completely confuse these categories, and only classify the various lamps according to the "distribution of light". This is more suitable for selecting the lamps you need under different lighting conditions. 1.Direct type light distribution for indoor The first type is called direct-illuminated luminaires. The 90-100% of the luminous flux emitted by these luminaires is illuminated in the same direction, and the light is not blocked by any other objects. This kind of luminaire is very efficient, its light is only projected in the same direction, and the direction is very strong. For example, a luminaire like a spotlight, which emits light, does not pass through any frosted glass, transmissive film, etc., and the light is not disp...

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