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Published by adminMay 03,2019

What’s the differences between LED downlights and spotlig...

Led Downlights and spotlights are very similar in structure. They are composed of face ring, lamp body, radiator, light source, power supply, etc. The installation method is mostly embedded installation, which is embedded in the ceiling and only shows the ring, so it does not destroy. The integrity of the ceiling, the room is also very neat. The biggest difference between led downlights and spotlights is the difference in the angle of illumination, which creates a difference in structure! Downlight: mainly used to provide uniform light, just like the sun, everything shines! But the downlight can't be as big as the sun, so it is designed from the angle of illumination, the angle of illumination of the downlight is generally larger, usually in About 120 degrees, the acrylic mask is commonly used, so that uniform light can be obtained, and the light is soft and not glare. Spotlights: Mainly through small angles of glare to highlight key objects like TV background walls, murals, ornamen...

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Published by adminApr 29,2019

Why are Led step lights necessary in your home?

Led Step lights are called wall lights in lighting area.30cm is usually appropriate for installation. The lighting sources we often use are energy-saving light, incandescent light. With the development of technology, LED lights have been widely used as lighting sources. There are three reasons why Led Step lights are necessary in your home. Safety Many householders may consider if it is necessary to install Led Step lights when decorating. If there are old people and children in the house, then Led Step lights are necessary. They get up at night to get water or go to the bathroom. When they turn on the headlight, they not only need to fumble for the switch, but also have a headache because the light is too bright, which may affect the rest of the family`s sleep. But the Led Step lights are relatively convenient, especially the current induction LED Led Step lights.They can be automatically sensed according to the position of the human body, so they are safe and convenient. Moreover...

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Published by adminApr 25,2019

The installation of different LED light

1.The Installation method of ceiling lamps Ceiling lamps have a round, square or rectangular base (chassis), the size of the base. The base of the lamp can be fastened with expansion bolts or it can be fastened with pre-embedded wood screws with wood screws. If the base of the lamp holder is more than 100 mm in diameter, 2 screws must be used. If the base of the lamp is installed, the bolts and penetrating bolts shall be used, and the bolt diameter shall not be less than 6 mm. The luminaire can be fixed on the bottom of the platform with wood screws. The number of wood screws should not be less than the number of mounting holes given by the luminaire.   2.The Installation method of wall lamp The wall lamp can be used as a base or without a base according to the structure of the base. When using the base, fix the base before fixing the wall light to the base. The base is usually made of wood, the thickness of the board should be more than 15 mm, and the surface is painted with d...

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Published by adminApr 24,2019

Why is “Light Zoom” a must?

In my opinion, "Light zoom" is a higher level of technology than "Zoom Light". From "Zoom Light" to "Light zoom" is the inevitable development of the industry. why would you say this? First, the inevitable technology upgrade. The "Zoom Light" realizes the change of the focal length, that is, the change of the illumination angle of the lamp, thereby achieving the purpose of "one lamp = multiple lamps". The technical basis of the zoom lights on the market is derived from this, as is the main function. "Light zoom" achieves a richer variety of changes, including beam angle changes, brightness changes, color temperature changes, and more. Therefore, "Light zoom" is an optical smart upgrade based on the "zoom light". Second, the inevitable market upgrade. The lighting market in the era of LED light sources has been upgraded from the original appearance style to the competition of light source applications. In recent years, major LED chips and packaging manufacturers have successively l...

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