Published by adminJan 18,2019

How to maintain the cob led lamps in daily life?

The maintenance of the cob led lamps is often overlooked in daily life, but if the lamps are not properly used and maintained, they will be damaged a lot, causing loss of waste at home, but not the small loss. The maintenance of the lamps is not complicated. As long as you pay more attention to the daily life, you can learn the following lamps and maintenance knowledge: After buying the cobled lamps, don't be busy with the installation. Firstly, you have to read the installation instructions carefully, and then install the lamps according to the installation instructions. Otherwise, danger may occur. Do not change the structure of thecob led lampsduring cleaning and maintenance, and do not change the parts of the cob led lamps at will. After maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it is, and do not miss or misplace the cob led lamps parts. When using LED lighting fixtures, try not to switch frequently. Because the current of the filament is higher than the current during norma...

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Published by adminJan 17,2019

Why your house need the step lights?

The scene design of the luminaire is to mix the building space and the luminaires together, so that the far-fetched solutions are less and less, and the comfortable space is more and more. Step light liked streetlights, were the first to be used as scene design in the history.   Stairs in the evening must have lights, otherwise it will be easy to wrestle, and the stairs with step light will look more artistic at night. If you want your stairs make people surprise, you can choose the step lights to decorate, and this is probably the easiest way to do it. When installing the step light, the height and spacing should be considered. The emitting method the power are various for the different step lights. The specific height and spacing should be determined by the real test because any mistakes will affect the installation and lighting effect. Many people think that installing the step lights will affect the aesthetics. In fact, the lighting design and the advancement of the step li...

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Published by adminJan 16,2019

Interior Lighting Design and Energy Saving lighting

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to Energy Saving lighting. The taste of this masterpiece of art is a comprehensive reflection of interior lighting design, color and furnishings.  At the same time, it is undeniable that the Energy Saving lighting solution of indoor lighting is the top priority of lighting Energy Saving lighting work. First, make full use of natural light in lighting design Natural light is an inexhaustible source of energy.  The use of natural light by humans, or we can say it that the history of daylighting, is as long as the building itself. The artistic treatment of the use of natural light. In the interior design, for the original building design, there are rooms with good lighting conditions. When decorating, do not destroy the original structure and try to ensure the integrity of the window. Natural light combined with artificial lighting. The separate natural light will only make the illumination around the wind...

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Published by adminJan 15,2019

How to repair the broken Led lights?

To Figure out how to repair the broken led lights, you must first understand the structure of LED luminaires. First, it is divided into three major parts, the outer casing: aluminum, ceramic, thermal plastic, etc., power supply: constant voltage constant, constant current, resistance to pressure drop and uncommon special functions. The constant current power supply is divided into two types: isolated and non-isolated. The isolation is inductive voltage and current, and the voltage is low and safe. Non-isolation is a circuit-controlled direct-connected type. Usually, the output voltage is relatively high. Most foreign countries do not accept it, but the cost is high, and it is used domestically. Second, to know how to repair the broken led lights, you need to know the quality of the components: shell: look at the appearance, most of the heat dissipation performance can still be achieved, as long as the manufacturers do not steal work, Poor heat dissipation directly affects the life ...

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