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Published by adminMay 30,2019

How to quickly choose a suitable led lamp?

The choice of led lamp should be based on the function of different spaces, and choose the most suitable one. The choice of lighting is directly related to the overall harmony and taste of the living room space. The following small series will introduce the selection methods of the living room, bedroom, bathroom and study room led lamp. Let's take a look a led lamp purchase method. Living room: harmonious and friendly In order to reflect the beautiful lighting environment, the lighting of the living room should choose the led lamp with strong artistic sense, and coordinate with the interior layout. The most used ones are chandeliers. The bright, gorgeous and luxurious chandeliers can reflect the identity of the owner as well as the warm atmosphere. In addition, wall lights and standing lights should be considered for auxiliary lighting to set off the lighting style of the living room. A floor lamp can be placed on the side of the sofa to create an intimate atmosphere for chatting wi...

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Published by adminMay 29,2019

What’s the function of the beam angle?

In practice, different beam angle have their own uses. In the above picture, three different beam angle produce three different effects on the statue. 10°beam angle gives a strong visual impact with its strong contrast of light and dark, and it can catch people's eyes in the first time, but we find that under the strong contrast of light and dark, we can't let us see the details of the plaster statue. And because the beam angle is too small, the statue is not fully illuminated. 24°beam angle is much better than the beam angle of 10°, and it can show the texture of the gypsum and the expression of the statue, and it also has a good visual impact. The 38°beam angle illuminated statue produces a soft, delicate effect that makes it easier to see the details of the statue. However, because the beam angle is too large, the background and the statue are mixed together, which is difficult to attract people's attention. This is a comparison of different beam angle at the same power and the ...

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Published by adminMay 28,2019

how should we design the garden lighting?

Perfect lighting to enrich the garden space. Through the contrast between light and dark, highlighting the landscape to be expressed in a background with low ambient brightness, attracting attention, and the correct use of lamps can make the garden more colorful. The garden lighting is also very particular. Its shape, material, color, proportion, scale and other factors require the designer to make full use of the brilliance and color of the lighting through the rhythmical control of the light, darkness, faintness, suppression, strength and weakness of the light. So how should the garden lighting be designed? How to choose lamps? Spotlight Because it is more concentrated than other lights, and its level is rich, whether it is used for local lighting or the lighting atmosphere used to set off the main body, it can exert the artistic effect of “finishing the finishing touch” and will be an inconspicuous one. The small corners are extraordinarily charming. The small spotlights can also...

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Published by adminMay 27,2019

The Stroboscopic Phenomenon of LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting products have many excellent lighting characteristics, but there are also many problems to be further studied, among which Stroboscopic Phenomenon is an important aspect. The Stroboscopic Phenomenon of a lamp or light source refers to the fluctuation characteristics of light output. It refers to the corresponding changes of light flux, illumination or brightness with the periodic change of current amplitude driven by AC or pulsed DC power supply.That is to say, the intensity of light varies with time. Flicker is often used in English. Stroboscopic Phenomenon reflects the changing characteristics of light intensity with time. There are two main aspects of this change. One is the periodic characteristic of change, which indicates the changing speed; the other is the magnitude of change, that is, the magnitude of amplitude. Frequency and amplitude have different effects on human body. For example, long working or living under low flicker lights,such as inductive ballast f...

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