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Published by adminMay 21,2019

Do you know the importance of color temperature?

In LED lighting fixtures, there is an important factor which may directly affect your choice of lighting fixtures -- "CCT". This is related to the color characteristics displayed by lighting fixtures , the atmosphere created by the environment, and some general lighting fixtures also has standards for CCT. The definition of color temperature Specifically speaking, the measurement unit of CCT is Kelvin, which is based on K. When the standard blackbody is heated to a certain degree, the color of the blackbody begins to change to dark red,light red,orange,-white,blue gradually . When the color of a light source is the same as that of the blackbody, we call the absolute temperature of the blackbody as the color temperature of the light source. Different Lighting color in different CCT . Low color temperature: The CCT is below 3300 K. The red light gives people a warm visual effect, a stable atmosphere and a sweet feeling. When illuminated by low CCT light source, it can make the ...

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Published by adminMay 14,2019

Why can LED lights rule residential lighting?

High-quality light efficiency, a lot of energy and power savings – LED lights make this possible. LED lights is the star of residential lighting, it can be used not only as a special taste atmosphere, but also in the kitchen and bathroom, providing a highly comfortable and convenient energy-saving solution that is connected end to end. LED lights now offer the right solution for a wide range of styles and styles, and can be adapted to a wide range of residential lighting environments – from minimalist Bauhaus to comfortable country styles – for maximum flexibility. Only bring the lowest energy consumption. The slim strips can be installed in ceiling ceilings or wall light troughs to illuminate the light; minimalist LED downlights illuminate the entire table; flat-mounted recessed shots can be used to direct stair steps, highlight paintings and sculptures. Healthy, efficient and long life LED lights are also convincing in terms of lighting quality. With warm white temperature and go...

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Published by adminMay 13,2019

Four tips that might help you to choose LED track lights

LED track light, also known as spotlight, is a special type of spotlight. It uses high quality LED light source, pure spectrum, flexible and adjustable color angle, and is favored by customers. Different occasions with different light-emitting angle of the reflective cup will make the original object show different charm, the main use is directional lighting, such as window lighting, wine cabinet lighting, television wall auxiliary lighting, etc. In recent years, LED track lights have been widely used in clothing stores lighting cases, playing a key role! However, many clothing stores or decoration companies will encounter many problems when choosing lamps. They can not accurately select the most suitable LED track lights for themselves. The following are some tips for you. Appearance The same 7W track light. Some of them are sold for more than a hundred dollars. Some only have ten to thirty dollars. Why is that?Nowadays many small factories use iron or plastic shells to save cos...

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Published by adminMay 06,2019

Do you know how to choose a right color temperature for y...

The color temperature of light plays an important role on our current task at hand too. Choosing suitable color temperature is as important as your room's paint. These lighting colors are categorized on the basis of color temperature. The color temperature of light source is measured in Kelvin and it is determined when it is illuminated. If there is a lower temperature in Kelvin, it means there is more yellow light emitted from LED Lamp. Based on the following information,you may learn about how to choose the best light for your residential area. 2700K-3000K Under this range, the color temperature of light is generally Warm white . This light color range is suitable for relaxing . Our mood tends to be cozy at this color temperature. If you want to welcome someone then, it also works. The best use of this range color can be done in living rooms and dining rooms. 3500K-4100K This is the next range of color temperature of light. The colors categorized in this range are cool white...

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