How to distinguish light distribution for indoor space?

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Light distribution for indoor is important for every project.

Usually, we will classify lamps according to the nature of the light source, application, etc., such as office lighting, hotel-specific lighting, outdoor lighting, and so on.

light distribution for indoor

Today, we are here to completely confuse these categories, and only classify the various lamps according to the "distribution of light". This is more suitable for selecting the lamps you need under different lighting conditions.

1.Direct type light distribution for indoor

The first type is called direct-illuminated luminaires. The 90-100% of the luminous flux emitted by these luminaires is illuminated in the same direction, and the light is not blocked by any other objects.

This kind of luminaire is very efficient, its light is only projected in the same direction, and the direction is very strong. For example, a luminaire like a spotlight, which emits light, does not pass through any frosted glass, transmissive film, etc., and the light is not dispersed. It is a typical direct lighting fixture.

Spotlight and recessed downlight.

light distribution for indoor

Normally, such lamps have a disadvantage: glare is easily generated, especially at the light exit of the luminaire, and glare is particularly noticeable.

For our Alpha designs, we pay much attention and make the luminaires deep recessed in order to make the UGR<19.

2 Uniform diffusion type light distribution for indoor

The second type is a uniform diffused light-emitting luminaire. The light emitted by the illuminator is evenly distributed throughout the upper and lower parts of the luminaire, so that the light that is perceived to be illuminated is not only efficient enough, but also gives a very comfortable light. .

Usually, most lamps use a diffused light-transmitting material as a lampshade, such as acrylic, frosted glass, marble, and the like.

Among them, some uniform diffused lamps will adjust a part of the light upwards to illuminate the ceiling; the other part of the light will illuminate the working surface downwards, which can also weaken the glare of the light, thus forming a soft and even illumination.

3 Indirect light distribution for indoor

The third type is indirect lighting fixtures, which can create a more comfortable lighting environment, usually made of opaque materials. It is characterized by an upward opening and almost all of the light is directed upwards, so that all of the light that is projected onto the working surface comes from the reflected light.

This type of luminaire sacrifices the utilization of the light source, and is generally designed to achieve higher comfort or decoration, so its efficiency is very low.

In the case of a relatively high floor height or a relatively high illumination requirement, such an indirect type of light-emitting luminaire is generally not used, and this type of light distribution is usually used in hotels and decorative occasions (light diffusing property is good, Completely avoid the glare effects of the fixture).

4 semi-indirect light distribution for Indoor

The last one is a semi-indirect light-emitting luminaire, which is a way of indirect and non-indirect integration.

Compared with indirect luminaires, it increases the efficiency of luminaire lighting; it reduces the glare compared to direct luminaires. For example, the grille light on the ceiling of the office can improve the lighting comfort of the whole environment by diffusing the light.

Linear light panel

For more details, you could reference ALPHA Lighting product, enjoying the wonderful lighting selection experience.



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