Is it ok to use LED wall lamp in home space?

198 Published by admin Apr 19,2019

Led Wall lamp is mostly used at local illumination, can have very adornment effect, promote the visual effect of whole household space, suit Europe type and American type to decorate a style especially, of wall lamp kind more, the LED wall lamp is among them a kind. Now let’s look up that is it good to live in a home space which uses LED wall lamp? LED wall lamp features!

LED wall lamp

One, green environmental protection

Led wall lamp are recyclable, pollution-free and have better environmental protection than ordinary fluorescent lamps. There is no ultraviolet ray and infrared ray in the spectrum of led wall lamp, it belongs to cold light, no heat, no radiation, and does not contain mercury element, it is absolutely green environmental protection lamp product.

Small size

Led wall lamp is more delicate and compact to traditional lamps and lanterns, and has a fashionable appearance. It is suitable for use in different places and with different arms, so that the light of lamps and lanterns can be diversified.

 LED wall lamp

Long life

Among all the lighting sources, led light has the longest life, up to 30 years, strong shock resistance and earthquake resistance, no tungsten wire, glass shell and other vulnerable parts, high safety.

Good color rendering

The color rendering index of high-power LED wall lamp is higher than that of ordinary fluorescent lamp, usually around 80, which can restore the original color of the object well.

High quality of light

High-power LED wall lamp light spectrum without ultraviolet and infrared, no heat, no radiation, will not bring a burden on the human eye, will not fade the object.

High efficiency

The luminous efficiency of high-power led wall lamp exceeds 100lm/W, and the red spectrum is almost entirely concentrated in the visible spectrum, which is far more efficient than incandescent lamps and catching up with energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps. LED wall lamp

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