Four tips that might help you to choose LED track lights

239 Published by admin May 13,2019

LED track light, also known as spotlight, is a special type of spotlight. It uses high quality LED light source, pure spectrum, flexible and adjustable color angle, and is favored by customers. Different occasions with different light-emitting angle of the reflective cup will make the original object show different charm, the main use is directional lighting, such as window lighting, wine cabinet lighting, television wall auxiliary lighting, etc.

In recent years, LED track lights have been widely used in clothing stores lighting cases, playing a key role! However, many clothing stores or decoration companies will encounter many problems when choosing lamps. They can not accurately select the most suitable LED track lights for themselves. The following are some tips for you.LED track lights

  1. Appearance

The same 7W track light. Some of them are sold for more than a hundred dollars. Some only have ten to thirty dollars. Why is that?Nowadays many small factories use iron or plastic shells to save costs. As everyone in the industry knows. LED heat dissipation is the most important part. If the heat dissipation is not good,the good result is that it won't take long to fade. The brightness is getting darker and darker; the bad result is to burn the LED directly.

  1. light beads

Many consumers only pay attention to the power and price when buying LED track lights. The core part of the light beads is always ignored.  and then the same brand of lamp beads also have different grades. The core of the light beads is the chip, the size of the chip, the packaging method and so on.

  1. Choosing high-quality products

LED track lights are generally used to strengthen the lighting of decorations. It is usually installed in ceiling or wall. When working, it will generally emit higher temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to buy high-quality products, otherwise there will be security risks.

  1. Appropriate transformer

When using the LED track lights, it should be matched with transformer, and the lamp beads should be of good quality. Otherwise, the lamp beads of the spotlight are easy to break down. The spotlight beads in the ceiling can be quite difficult to replace.LED track lights

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