Why should we install the led strip light ?

413 Published by admin Jan 04,2019

Light gives life and soul to the building. It is the best part of the visual quality compared to other media. The use of lighting design to construct a free, agile and imaginative temperament space is like a magical "space magic" that brings the basic lighting effect and highlights the enormous artistic appeal.

In all kinds of popular lighting designs, the led strip light has the highest frequency of appearance. The led strip light can weaken their sense of presence in a hidden form, gradually arranging along the corresponding spatial contours, and recessing a unique geometric or curved shape together with the wall. When it is necessary to provide lighting functions, the led strip light can instantly ignite the entire space atmosphere, draw people's visual focus, and create a spatial context that is light, smart and exquisite.

Some people say that every building has two lives, one in the day and one in the night. The architectural life at night depends on the perfect lighting effect. Buried light strips on the walls, not only can be illuminated, but also have the function of washing the wall, adding a modern sense to the space.

led strip light

In the minimalist form of space, the light strips embedded in all corners give them a fascinating level of beauty. It makes the bright space brighter and has the magic to guide the line of sight and arouse emotions.

Top led light strip design

Remove the main light into a recessed light, set the light strip in the ceiling, use the light strip design with its own floating effect, combine with the downlight, spotlight, etc. to enrich the top surface, so that the space has a layered feeling, can form a soft, Bright, full and atmospheric atmosphere.

If the light strip is set at the junction of different functional areas, it can also play the role of dividing the space and completing the transition, and presenting a comfortable and harmonious lighting environment through dramatic contrast between light and dark.

Wall led light strip design

The wall lamp is simple and stylish, with a sense of solidity and illusion. It can collide with round curves or interesting geometric shapes to bring vitality to the space.

The application area of ​​the lamp strip is very wide, with decorative painting, soft bag, bathroom mirror, uneven wall and so on, which brings out a strong artistic atmosphere. For example, the living room, the bedroom wall, the stairs, the aisle and other wall surfaces, combined with the light belt and space design, can render elegant and restrained temperament.

A circle of hidden lights around the walls of the bathroom creates an interesting geometric shape that makes it easier to promote personality and style.

Cabinet led light strip design

The light strips in the shelves, large closets, and kitchen cabinets are soft and not glaring, which can greatly improve the basic lighting in the dark corners. When the cabinet is opened, there will be no visual difference due to the darkness inside the cabinet.

Ground led light strip design

Lighting at the bottom of the aisle, the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the TV wall, etc. is also a good idea. Because it can play a finishing touch, add brilliance to life.

The led light strip can even be used on the ground, using light to clearly separate the areas, so that the entire space looks layered, this soft and bright light can bring a sense of security.

Led strip light

Light is an important element of the human settlements. We must not only feel its existence, but also create a fascinating artistic focus.

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