How to Estimate the Quality of LED Recessed Ceiling Downlights?

354 Published by admin Dec 11,2018

How to estimate the quality of LED recessed ceiling downlights?  Nowadays, more and more hotel, offices even houses are required for LED recessed ceiling downlights for lighting, because the applicability of LED recessed ceiling downlights for indoor or outdoor lighting are widely known and increasingly welcomed among people. But many clients have said that they don’t know how to estimate the quality of LED recessed ceiling downlights, after all, it is not a good idea to completely believe lighting manufactures. From an objective point of view, this article will be a scientific way to judge the quality.

LED recessed ceiling downlights

When purchasing LED recessed ceiling downlights, you should check the appearance of the lamp first, including whether lamp body is smooth and clean, and whether the craftsmanship is exquisite. In order to meet certain demand, you would need to measure the various conditions of the lamp body carefully, such as the installation mode, the length ,the diameter and so on.

LED recessed ceiling downlights

If the LED recessed ceiling downlights have stroboscopic, they would be harmful to our vision health, there is a tips to test the stroboscopic degree: when you get the LED downlight, you could plug the power and light the lamp, use the camera function of mobile phone to chose to the lamp surface, then you can observe whether there is a stroboscopic phenomenon.

LED recessed ceiling downlights

In order to check the quality of light , you could turn on several LED recessed ceiling downlights of same type produced by same manufactures at the same time to observe the luminous color, luminance and CRI. If there is a obvious difference between them, It means that it is a inferior product. Technically, the downlight produced by the same manufacturer has no problem of color and brightness inconsistency.

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