How to quickly choose a suitable led lamp?

102 Published by admin May 30,2019

The choice of led lamp should be based on the function of different spaces, and choose the most suitable one. The choice of lighting is directly related to the overall harmony and taste of the living room space. The following small series will introduce the selection methods of the living room, bedroom, bathroom and study room led lamp. Let's take a look a led lamp purchase method.

Living room: harmonious and friendly

In order to reflect the beautiful lighting environment, the lighting of the living room should choose the led lamp with strong artistic sense, and coordinate with the interior layout. The most used ones are chandeliers. The bright, gorgeous and luxurious chandeliers can reflect the identity of the owner as well as the warm atmosphere. In addition, wall lights and standing lights should be considered for auxiliary lighting to set off the lighting style of the living room. A floor lamp can be placed on the side of the sofa to create an intimate atmosphere for chatting with friends and family. If you have audio-visual equipment such as a TV, you can install a wall led lamp on the side to provide the best moderate lighting for your family watching TV.led lamp

Bedroom: soft tone is the most pleasant

Softness is the keynote of bedroom lighting choices. The bedroom is a place to sleep and rest, always with the theme of warmth, quietness and comfort. Therefore, try to avoid dazzling lights or use complicated and unusual led lamp, but you should not be too dark to avoid feelings of depression. There should be a suspended ceiling light in the bedroom, such as a long incandescent led lamp on the roof. In order to make the light just right, you can also put a layer of white light and transparent crepe under the led lamp to soften the strong light and make the room look full of emotion. The switch of the led lamp should be separately controlled and collected, and installed in the place where the door can be accessed, so that the user can open the led lamp to be used in the shortest time.

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