Have you learnt about three common LED home lighting solutions?

274 Published by admin Dec 24,2018

Clarify your needs for LED home lighting solutions. So first you need to develop a home lighting plan to meet your family and your needs. When you're planning lighting, you need to analyze the type of activity in each room, the atmosphere you want to create (light and dark, light and shadow, modern and traditional, etc.), the decorative elements you want to emphasize.

General lighting in LED home lighting solutions.

LED home lighting solutions

General lighting provides overall illumination to an area. This is the ambient lighting that our designers often refer to. General lighting provides a comfortable brightness, ensuring the safety of walking and the sight that we can see objects. What kind of light is used? We can use lanterns, wall lamps, recessed lamps, track lamps, and even the lamps we use outdoors. General lighting is the most basic of our lighting layout.

Task lighting in LED home lighting solutions

LED home lighting solutions

Task lighting is to help us complete special tasks, such as reading on the desk of the bookstore, washing clothes in the laundry room, cooking in the kitchen, cooking, playing electric games, etc. We can use embedded luminaires, track luminaires, ceiling luminaires, and mobile luminaires. In addition, when using these lamps, be careful to avoid glare and shadows, and be sure to be bright enough to avoid visual fatigue.

Focal lighting in LED home lighting solutions

LED home lighting solutions

Focal lighting can add dramatic effects to the room and create excitement. As an element of decoration, we can use it to illuminate paintings, sculptures, and other decorations. It can also emphasize the material of walls or fabrics (such as curtain fabrics), and can also be used for outdoor small scenes. illumination. In the key lighting mode, the required illumination at the center point is three times that of the surrounding environment. We can use track lights, recessed lights or wall lights to meet these.

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