What’s the reason of LED dead lights?

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There are two main reasons for LED dead lights:

The leakage current of the LED is too large, causing the PN junction to fail, resulting in LED dead lights. This situation generally does not affect the operation of other LED lights.

The internal connection lead to the LED lamp disconnected, causing no current to pass through the LED and generating LED dead lights. This situation will affect the normal operation of other LED lights.

LED dead lights

How to prevent LED dead lights?

Static electricity is a very harmful devil for LED lights. The world's electronic components damaged by static electricity are countless, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in economic losses. Therefore, it is an important task in the electronics industry to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components. So we need to do somethings to eliminate the static electricity, in order to avoid LED dead lights.

The human body static electricity is one of reasons caused LED dead lights. It should be worn with anti-static clothing when working. It should be equipped with an electrostatic ring. The electrostatic ring should be well grounded. There is a static ring that does not need to be grounded. The anti-static effect is not good. It is recommended not to use the belt. This kind of product, if the staff violates the operating procedures, should receive corresponding warning education, and also play a role in notifying others.

Some companies use manual soldering, using 40 watt ordinary soldering iron, the soldering temperature can not be controlled, the soldering iron temperature is above 300-400 °C, too high soldering temperature will also cause LED dead lights, LED lead expansion coefficient at high temperature is about 150 °C The expansion coefficient is several times higher, and the internal gold wire solder joint will open the solder joint due to excessive thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in a dead light phenomenon.

LED dead lights

LED dead lights

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