Correct selection of led cob downlights makes your villa more attractive

150 Published by admin Aug 12,2019

Lighting is the highlight of the whole villa decoration. Here we would share you some design principles of indoor lighting in villas, which are closely related to the use of led cob downlights.

Accurate positioning according to style requirements. For villa interior lighting design and effect requirements, first of all, the lighting should meet the theme of villa design, space has established style positioning, the lighting performance should first conform to villa style positioning; second, the role of lighting can also emphasize the shape of space; third, there are various functional spaces in the villa. Different themes and modes are designed to meet the lighting needs.

led cob downlights

In basic lighting, local lighting and decorative lighting, the use of led cob downlights is a key point. Because the effect of "uniform scattering point lighting" mainly depends on it to build, and with the built-in lamp belt in the lamp trough around the ceiling, the visual sense of hierarchy is more obvious. Suction ceiling chandelier can be retained as decorative lighting.

led cob downlights

Keep the color temperature consistent. People's perception for different color temperatures is very sensitive, different colors mixed together will affect the brain and make people feel uncomfortable. This situation can be avoided by led cob downlights with the same color temperature in a single space. Keep in mind that although different areas of home have different requirements for color temperature, the principle of consistency of color temperature should be maintained for led cob downlights in the same area.

Villas require higher lighting requirements than the general home space because of its large space, clear style positioning. In order to achieve a comfortable lighting environment, it is more necessary to start from the details to develop more delicate lighting design. When choosing lights for villas, we should comprehensively consider the factors such as decoration style , and use led cob downlights to distribute light properly so as to add more value to villas.

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