Do you know the Tips for Selection LED Ceiling Lights?

228 Published by admin Dec 27,2018

LED ceiling lights are surfaced to or recessed in the ceiling of a roof.  They are often used in homes, offices, and entertainment venues. LED ceiling lights have become the first choice for lighting in many homes due to their simplicity and cleanliness. As the main light source in the room, the high-quality LED ceiling light can avoid visual fatigue and protect the eyes of the family. Here are some tips for buying LED ceiling lights.


Here  share  you  Selection Tips for LED Ceiling Lights

1, detecting light source

When the SMD technology of the LED ceiling lights and the light shade are adapted to each other, the illumination effect will be uniform and there is no dark area. The ceiling light with uneven illumination effect and dark area is naturally also because the lights module and the light shade do not match in size.


2, look at the electrical

All fluorescent light sources are required to have a ballast to light up. The ballast can bring the starting voltage and stability during operation to the light source. The quality of the ballast directly determines the life of the LED ceiling lights. And light efficiency, usually better than the quality of the ballast used by manufacturers who are on the right track.

3, look at the covers

Commonly used in the market are acrylic covers, plastic covers and glass. It is best to use a secondary stretched imported acrylic covers. The characteristics are soft, bulky, light transmissive and difficult to be dyed.


Compared with similar products, LED ceiling lights from ALPHA have uniform illumination effects and no obvious dark areas, using top-grade materials. Really achieve a uniform ceiling light without dark areas, in order to truly care for the eyes of the family, to create a good living environment for you.

LED Ceiling Lights

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