Do you know the importance of color temperature?

94 Published by admin May 21,2019

In LED lighting fixtures, there is an important factor which may directly affect your choice of lighting fixtures -- "CCT".

This is related to the color characteristics displayed by lighting fixtures , the atmosphere created by the environment, and some general lighting fixtures also has standards for CCT.


The definition of color temperature

Specifically speaking, the measurement unit of CCT is Kelvin, which is based on K. When the standard blackbody is heated to a certain degree, the color of the blackbody begins to change to dark red,light red,orange,-white,blue gradually . When the color of a light source is the same as that of the blackbody, we call the absolute temperature of the blackbody as the color temperature of the light source.

color temperature

Different Lighting color in different CCT .

  1. Low color temperature: The CCT is below 3300 K. The red light gives people a warm visual effect, a stable atmosphere and a sweet feeling. When illuminated by low CCT light source, it can make the red brighter.
  1. Medium CCT : The CCT is between 3000-6000K. There is no obvious visual psychological effect under this color, which can bring a sense of "rationality". So it is called "neutral" color temperature. When irradiated by medium temperature light source, the blue color will have a cool feeling.
  1. High color temperature: the CCT exceeds 6000K, and the lighting color is more blue, giving people a sense of coldness.

In a word, before purchasing LED lighting fixtures, it is necessary to find out the CCT needed in each lighting area of the lighting project, and choose the fixtures with it accordingly.

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