How to do interior lighting design ?

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In the residential interior lighting design, the use of lighting to change the sense of distance between space and objects, according to the owner's pursuit of home style and the taste of life to decide.

So, what kind of feelings can the residential interior lighting design show and where can it be used?

※Sense of temperature

The sense of temperature in color is a reaction to people's long-term habits.

Lights of different color temperatures will create different home expressions and adjust the atmosphere of the room. For example, the warm color is generally used to reproduce the food color and cause appetite; the bedroom light color should adopt neutral and relaxing color.

 residential interior lighting design

※ Sense of weight            

The sense of weight is the difference in lightness and weight of various colors.


The sense of weight we get from color is a composite feeling with texture. It depends mainly on the brightness. Bright light and dark shadows will make people's psychology feel light and heavy, light gives people a feeling of divergence and lightness, while dark shadows give people a sense of shrinking and cohesive weight; the same vision will have this feeling for color, white and Black contrast, white light and heavy.

residential interior lighting design

※ Sense of volume


In general, the visual perception of color is: bright, bright, warm colors have a feeling of expansion and enlargement; and the dark and cool color has a feeling of shrinking.

That is to say, the sense of volume is due to the effect of color, making the object look larger or smaller than the actual one. The arrangement of the lights can exaggerate or reduce the volume of the shape.

Through indirect lighting or accent lighting, the shape or level in the interior space is more prominent, and the role of the space theme is emphasized. Such as: enhanced lighting acts on the main decorative façade and art decorations in the space.

※ Sense of distance

In general, the warm color is more forward-looking than the cool color. The brightness between the two colors is high, and the saturation is high. Therefore, the ambient color should be considered in the indoor lighting.

If the light is close to the color of the object, the color effect of the object will be weakened; if the color of the light and the color of the object are completely complementary, the object will be more dim.

In the residential interior lighting design, the use of lighting to change the sense of distance between space and objects, according to the owner's pursuit of home style and the taste of life to decide.

 residential interior lighting design

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