The installation of different LED light

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1.The Installation method of ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps have a round, square or rectangular base (chassis), the size of the base. The base of the lamp can be fastened with expansion bolts or it can be fastened with pre-embedded wood screws with wood screws. If the base of the lamp holder is more than 100 mm in diameter, 2 screws must be used. If the base of the lamp is installed, the bolts and penetrating bolts shall be used, and the bolt diameter shall not be less than 6 mm. The luminaire can be fixed on the bottom of the platform with wood screws. The number of wood screws should not be less than the number of mounting holes given by the luminaire.


2.The Installation method of wall lamp

The wall lamp can be used as a base or without a base according to the structure of the base. When using the base, fix the base before fixing the wall light to the base. The base is usually made of wood, the thickness of the board should be more than 15 mm, and the surface is painted with decorative paint. When the wall lamp is installed, it can be fixed by screwing the screw hole of the lamp position box, or by punching the wall surface, pre-embeding the wood brick or fixing it with a plastic expansion tube screw. The wall lamp base screws are generally not less than two. The Installation method height of the wall lamp is generally 2 to 2.2 meters from the ground, and the wall lamp installed at the bed is preferably 1.2 to 1.4 meters     

3.The Installation method of downlight

 The downlight is a recessed light that is suitable for use on a suspended ceiling. The basic form of the lamp is cylindrical, and the lamp mouth is a metal wide-sided ring with lead, titanium or nickel plating. After the lamp is installed, it is close to the top surface and has good decoration. There is a circlip on each side of the symmetrical cylinder of the lamp as a device for fixing the downlight. The opening is in the direction of the lamp opening, and the spacing of the circlips is adjusted by a butterfly nut.Drill holes on the ceiling according to the size and Installation method position of the downlight.Connect the reserved power cable to the downlight in the ceiling.Adjust the wing nut of the downlight fixing spring piece so that the height of the spring piece is the same as the ceiling thickness.Push the downlight into the ceiling opening and install the appropriate light bulb.


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