What Factors Included in Completing Hotel Lighting Solution?

248 Published by admin Dec 19,2018

Hotel lighting solution is a professional filed in lighting,it covers a wide range of knowledge from idea to carry out the plan and finally finish. No matter what markets the hotel are target at,the cost on lighting should be a long run investment,and should consider its lifespan and reliability. Let’s discuss what factors should be included in completing hotel lighting solution.

Hotel Lighting Solution

The unity between lighting and decoration in hotel lighting solution

The core idea of hotel lighting solution is to have a strict comply with the decoration. The lighting design which lack of unity would become mass and incomplete,thus, unity is the key point to the hotel lighting solution.For example,if a lighting design lack of unity it would not be able to show the characteristics of the lighting that adopt in the space.


The dimensionality should be considered in a hotel lighting solution.

Flexibility. According to the data analysis,In a specific year, when the light source is replaced regularly, it is bound to involve a huge amount of human resources, therefore, the flexibility of luminaire deployment should take into consideration. The most ideal luminaire selection is to load and unload the light source without moving the accessory to protect the interior decoration as much as possible.Quality of the fixture selected.In a perfect hotel lighting solution,it would be important that the quality assurance,including light effect,CCT,CRI and anti-glare etc.These aspects could well reflect the quality of the lighting fixtures.

In a word, when working out a best hotel lighting solution, we should think of it in a professional way and consider all factors that will influence the whole ideas.

Alpha Lighting provides professional lighting solution for hotel and some residential buildings,and have been in this filed more that 5 years,we are a young group but we will always keep our passion for lighting!


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