Interior Lighting Design and Energy Saving lighting

286 Published by admin Jan 16,2019

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to Energy Saving lighting. The taste of this masterpiece of art is a comprehensive reflection of interior lighting design, color and furnishings.  At the same time, it is undeniable that the Energy Saving lighting solution of indoor lighting is the top priority of lighting Energy Saving lighting work.

First, make full use of natural light in lighting design

Natural light is an inexhaustible source of energy.  The use of natural light by humans, or we can say it that the history of daylighting, is as long as the building itself.

  • The artistic treatment of the use of natural light.

In the interior design, for the original building design, there are rooms with good lighting conditions. When decorating, do not destroy the original structure and try to ensure the integrity of the window.

  • Natural light combined with artificial lighting.

The separate natural light will only make the illumination around the window higher, but for the deep-depth space, the area away from the window will lack the ideal illumination, and the places with insufficient illumination will be supplemented with artificial illumination.

Energy Saving lighting

Second, reasonable lighting design

  • Choose the appropriate illuminance standard.

Under the premise of ensuring that the working surface of the working area meets the specified illuminance standard, the illuminance standard of the non-working area can be appropriately reduced to save energy

  • Adopt lighting solutions that meet the requirements of energy conservation.

In the case of artificial lighting, according to the layout of the lighting device, it can be divided into three kinds of lighting modes: general lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.


Third, rational selection of Energy Saving lighting equipment

  • Select Energy Saving lighting light source and heat sink.

Efficient light source and heat dissipation structure can effectively meet the Energy Saving lighting requirements in controlling indoor lighting design.

  • Select lighting Energy Saving lighting control equipment.

Various switch devices have automatic control functions. In the indoor lighting design, various types of power-saving switch devices should be selected for different places. The combination of indoor art design and Energy Saving lighting awareness in interior lighting design will make the work more sustainable.

Energy Saving lighting

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