How to maintain the cob led lamps in daily life?

337 Published by admin Jan 18,2019

The maintenance of the cob led lamps is often overlooked in daily life, but if the lamps are not properly used and maintained, they will be damaged a lot, causing loss of waste at home, but not the small loss. The maintenance of the lamps is not complicated. As long as you pay more attention to the daily life, you can learn the following lamps and maintenance knowledge:

  1. After buying the cobled lamps, don't be busy with the installation. Firstly, you have to read the installation instructions carefully, and then install the lamps according to the installation instructions. Otherwise, danger may occur.
  2. Do not change the structure of thecob led lampsduring cleaning and maintenance, and do not change the parts of the cob led lamps at will. After maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it is, and do not miss or misplace the cob led lamps parts.
  3. When using LED lighting fixtures, try not to switch frequently. Because the current of the filament is higher than the current during normal operation at the moment of frequent startup, the filament temperature rises sharply and accelerates sublimation, which greatly reduces its service life.Although the number of LED lighting fixtures is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, it will affect the internal electronic components of cob led lamps too frequently.
  4. The installation position of LED panel light series products should be away from high temperature objects and easy to catch fire.
  5. Before cleaning thecob led lamps, you need to cut off the power supply to ensure absolute safety.
  6. Please use a dry or drier cloth for cleaning. Do not use non-manufacturer chemicals or corrosive materials to clean the surface of the cob led lamps.Lamps installed in the kitchen should pay special attention to the fume prevention, because the accumulation of grease stains affects the illumination of the lamp.
  7. When leaving the office or house price, please remember to cut off the power supply to keep the life of the cob led lamps.cob led lamps

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